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intrepid express editorIntrepid Express is Intrepid Travel’s free e-newsletter that jets off to exotic, unusual, wonderful and straight-up weird places on our planet. It has a personality bigger than Uluru, Everest or a panda’s appetite for bamboo because Express is all REAL stories from REAL travellers.

Over the years we’ve stockpiled a fantastic collection of travel tales that are too good to be left gathering dust with old Intrepid brochures dating back to 1989, so we decided it was either time to write a book, or welcome you to Intrepid Express – the blog!

This Express blog puts you in touch with like-minded travellers from all over the world and we’d love you to join in the fun! Whenever you have a spare minute, write and tell us all about your own travel experiences – the good, the bad and the incredible of getting out there and exploring worlds beyond our own.

Thanks for tuning in and I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, plus I look forward to reading your travel tales. And if you are not a subscriber already, don’t forget to sign up to our free Intrepid Express e-newsletter for a regular dose of inspiration and the chance to WIN an Intrepid trip!

Best wishes,
Sue Elliot
Intrepid Express Editor

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