Not many travellers need too much convincing that it’s a good idea to enjoy a holiday in Italy at least once in their life. This is the place that plies you with pasta, pizza and myriad other delights, washes it down with wine as smooth as velvet, all in front of a Tuscan backdrop that will have you gasping for breath from its unadulterated beauty. Ladies and gentlemen, Italy, quite simply, knows how to get the job done.

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But don’t take our word for it. Instead, discover what past Intrepid travellers have got to say about their holidays in Italy with Intrepid Travel. Many of them explain exactly what their trip was like, if the locals were friendly (of course they were – it’s Italy!) and what the food was like… Read through our top reviews and get a better idea of which trip will suit you.

Rome to Southern Italy, July 2017

Michael Inn

Barcelona to Rome, July 2017

Julie Gorgievski

Best of Italy, June 2017

Marion Brown

Rome to Amalfi, June 2017

Jan Oneill

Best of Italy, July 2017

Briony Sheather

Best of Italy, July 2017

Vicki Malo

Rome to Paris, July 2017

Ian Paterson

Sardinia & Corsica Sailing Adventure, August 2017

Ann-Maree Macdonald

Sardinia & Corsica Sailing Adventure, July 2017

Johanna Werner

Best of Italy, July 2017

Mel Harrison

Sail Italy - Amalfi to Procida, August 2017

Lindsey Copland

Best of Italy, July 2017

Robert Stock

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