Pre-departure deals and tips

Scrimped and saved for months. Check. Picked a destination. Check. Booked a trip. Check. Got awesome gear for your trip... cue the crickets. We get it, there are more exciting things to do now that your trip is booked. Like spend your days dreaming about discovering the local hot spots of a destination, or how awesome your group will be and all of the delicious food you are going to taste while on your Intrepid adventure. To help make sure you aren't scrambling on your last days before departure we've put together exclusive discounts with some of our partners to help save you some coin and get ready for your upcoming trip. 

Tips and tricks from the Intrepid crew


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Partner #3


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8 essentials every traveller should pack for their trip

Posted on Tue, 14 Jun 2016

Suitcases are a finite space. You only want to fill them with stuff you'll need. Here are 8 simple things you should be packing every time.

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How to be the friend everyone wants to travel with

Posted on Wed, 27 Apr 2016

Here are our top tips for being MVP of your holiday (and life).

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Can you travel yourself young?

Posted on Mon, 17 Aug 2015

Reconnecting with your inner-child is easier on the road, we reckon.

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