10% OFF Wildlife trips - Terms and Conditions

1. The 10% Discount will automatically be applied to the below trips that depart between the 15th August -31st December 2014.  Bookings before 30th September 2014.
2. The discount is only valid on the following selection of trips

(Trip Name - Product Code)
Active Galapagos GGTF
Galapagos & Inca Trail Adventure GGTWC
Galapagos Family Adventure GLFB
Galapagos Panorama - Northern Islands GMSA
Galapagos Panorama - Southern Islands GMSB
Galapagos Escapade - Northern Islands GMSC
Galapagos Escapade - Southern Islands GMSD
Glimpse of Galapagos - Northern Islands GMSE
Glimpse of Galapagos - Central Islands GMSF
Complete Galapagos GMDD
(Trip Name - Product Code)
Borneo Family Adventure TMFG
Sabah Adventure TMSC
Wild Sarawak TMSW
Best of Borneo TMSXC
(Trip Name - Product Code)
Kruger & Coast UBOE
Garden Route Adventure UBOH
Okavango Experience UBOO
Explore Southern Africa UBOQC
Kruger, Coast & Cape UBOSC
Kruger to Vic Falls UBSA
Experience Southern Africa UBSCC
Southern Africa Unplugged UBSM
Namibia & Botswana Family Adventure Southbound UDFA
Kruger & Beyond UWFS
Caped Crusading - Reverse UXOAC
Africa Encompassed Northbound UXODC
Cape Town to Vic Falls UXOF
Vic Falls to Kruger YBOP
Okavango & Beyond YBSB
Experience Madagascar YBSM
East Africa Family Safari YDFA
Ethiopian Highlands Northbound YDOE
Nairobi to Addis YDOF
Ethiopian Explorer YDOGC
Ethiopian Explorer Northbound YDOHC
Gorillas & Rhinos In Depth YDOU
Nairobi to Addis and Gorillas YDOVC
Land of the Maasai YGFK
The Masai Heartlands YGOCC
Kenya Wildlife Safari YGOK
Serengeti & Kilimanjaro YGOMC
Serengeti Trail YGOT
Zanzibar & Elephants Safari YTFL
Selous & Zanzibar YTSZ
Vic Falls to Kenya YXOA
Kenya to Cape Town YXOAC
Kenya to Vic Falls YXOB
Gorillas, Game Parks & Beaches YXOCC
Road to Zanzibar YXOD
Africa Encompassed Southbound YXOEC
Vic Falls to Cape Town YXOF
Vic Falls to Gorillas YXOFC
Gorillas, Chimps & Game Parks YXOG
Best of East Africa YXOHC
Gorillas to Vic Falls YXOIC
3. The discounts can be applied to new bookings only. Under no circumstances will the discounts be applied to existing bookings.

4. A deposit of AUD/NZD/USD/CAD/CHF250, GBP150, EUR200 and ZAR2000 is required at the time of booking. For those not residing in the above mentioned countries a deposit of USD$250 is required.

5. Full payment is required at least 60 days prior to travel.

6. There will be no extensions to the travel, booking or payment periods listed above.

7. The 10% discount cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offers.

8. The discount can be applied Intrepid group trips, and cannot be applied to airfares, trip kitties, travel insurance, extra accommodation, single supplements or visas etc.

9. Intrepid Travel's Booking Conditions will also apply to the trip booked, and it is imperative that you examine those conditions before booking with Intrepid Travel. The most up to date Booking Conditions are accessible at  http://www.intrepidtravel.com/booking-intrepid/booking-conditions

10. As outlined in the Intrepid Travel Booking Conditions, travel insurance is compulsory for all Intrepid Travel travellers and should be taken out prior to or at the time of booking. Please see the Booking Conditions for more details in this regard.

11. The trip is subject to availability and confirmation by Intrepid Travel at time of booking.

12. Trip prices and itineraries are subject to change at any time, including after booking. If there is a significant price change to a trip that is outside the control of Intrepid Travel (for example a significant increase in third party service provider costs), travellers may need to be re-invoiced at the new price. Promotions & discounts will still apply to the new price.