USA & Canada Express

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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Visit some of North America's most mind-blowing destinations

This overland adventure looping through Canada and the USA, features some of North America's most celebrated cities. Begin in pulsating New York before getting a taste of American history in Washington DC. Feel the roar of Niagara Falls, hike through Algonquin National Park and become a Francophile in Montreal and Quebec City. Travel south back over the border for a short stint in New England, seeing the best of Boston, feasting on seafood in Cape Cod and coming to rest in coastal Connecticut. Great parks, exciting cities, delicious regional cuisine and a whole lot of adventure - experience all this and more during 15 days of fun.

  • Catch a baseball or football game in Boston
  • Go hiking in the pristine Algonquin National Park
  • Go whale-watching in Cape Cod
  • Hear the roar of Niagara Falls from both the US and Canadian sides
  • Practise French in Montreal
  • Take a bite out of the Big Apple
  • Talk politics in Washington DC
  • Try poutine in charming Quebec City

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Day 1 New York

New York excites the senses with its mixing pot of cultures, artistic prowess, flashy commercialism and depth of soul that inspires everyone who visits.

Days 2-3 Washington DC

Awash with iconic buildings, political intrigue, absorbing museums and eclectic neighbourhoods, Washington DC is a compelling city to explore.

Day 4 Niagara Falls

Famous as a honeymoon destination, Niagara Falls shares a border with Canada and showcases the cascading waters of the Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil falls.

Day 5 Toronto

Sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a charismatic city with a fantastic mix of architecture, cultures, shopping, food and outdoor areas.

Day 6 Algonquin Provincial Park

Water abounds in the beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park, with its thousands of lakes and nine rivers providing sustenance to an abundance of trees, plantlife and animals.

Days 7-8 Ottawa/Montreal

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, impresses with its grand architecture, world-class museums, multicultural cuisines and endless outdoor activities, at any time of the year. Montreal is a unique city where culture, style and flair abounds, with its French flavour casting an intoxicating spell over all who visit.

Day 9 Quebec City

With its French tone and walled Old Town boasting cobbled streets and 17th-century buildings, Quebec City is easily the most unique city in North America.

Days 10-11 Acadia National Park

Located in the state of Maine, Acadia National Park's beauty lies in its rugged coastlines, windswept beaches, dense woodlands, dramatic mountains and abundant wildlife.

Day 12 Boston

As one of the oldest cities in the US, Boston has a wealth of provocative history, stately architecture, dignified culture and truckloads of American spirit.

Day 13 Cape Cod

Known as 'the Cape' to locals, Cape Cod is a popular summer retreat with wonderful stretches of beach, charming villages, and lots of outdoor activities on offer.

Day 14 Clinton

With the picturesque Nashua River running through its centre, Clinton is a small Massachusetts town that was settled in 1654.

Day 15 New York

'The Big Apple', 'The city that never sleeps' and 'The capital of the world' have all been used to describe New York, one of the most charismatic cities in the world.