LA to Vegas Adventure

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  • 2014-01-01 - 2014-12-31

Travel to the USA and visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Looking for a bit of sunshine? A few nights out on the town? Or just a solid dose of California, Arizona and Nevada's best attractions? Look no further than LA to Vegas, the original road trip for those wanting a taste of the things that make America's West a great place to visit. Stroll through the bizarre flora of Joshua Tree National Park, peer over the edge of the Grand Canyon and relax on the beaches of sunny San Diego. For those who just want to hit the road and leave the world in their dust, the LA to Vegas adventure is just the ticket.

  • See the sights and soak up the sun in star-studded LA
  • Chow down on San Diego's renowned Mexican cuisine
  • Camp out in the unique Joshua Tree National Park
  • Behold the magnificent Grand Canyon
  • Set your soul on fire in Vegas, the original 'Bright Light City'

LA to Vegas Adventure Summary

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Day 1 Los Angeles

Arrive in Los Angeles, the 'City of Angels'. Perhaps touch down a few days earlier to get a feel for this sun-blessed city, soaking up the sights of Santa Monica or following the star-studded sidewalks of Hollywood all the way to Beverly Hills.

Day 2 San Diego

Take a leisurely drive south, to a city that's made a living off staying outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Perhaps explore the historic Old Town or grab a board and head for the beach.

Day 3 Joshua Tree National Park

Leave the coast behind and head for the Mojave Desert. Search for the famous Joshua Tree that lends its name to the renowned national park (and a U2 album). Marvel at the peculiar geology and Wild West feel of this alien landscape and be amazed by the giant boulder piles that litter the horizon.

Days 4-5 Grand Canyon National Park

This is it. The big ticket, the show stopper - the mighty Grand Canyon. Travel to the rim of the canyon and peer down to the valley floor, perhaps embarking on a hike among the canyon walls. With eagles soaring overhead and the giant chasm extending infinitely toward the horizon, this is an American experience not to be missed.

Days 6-7 Las Vegas

What better way to finish your USA road trip than by living it up in the party capital of the world - Las Vegas. Why not begin by hitting the town with a limo ride before trying your luck on the tables. Afterwards, head to the bar or stick around on the Strip for some weird and whacky Vegas attractions.