California Dreamin'

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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Embark on a travel adventure along America's west coast

Embark on a dream travel adventure in the west coast of America. Admire all things bold and beautiful in Los Angeles and turn hedonist in Las Vegas where sinners come to flirt with chance. Make a mission to see the epic Grand Canyon, experience the scorch of the sun in Death Valley and then soak in the serenity of the Yosemite National Park. Pay a visit to the bohemian breeding ground of San Francisco and enjoy the beauty of Santa Barbara's coastline. A dream realised, this Californian adventure is a must for the young at heart.

  • Watch the mercury rise in Death Valley
  • Stare down a deep chasm at the Grand Canyon
  • Dance with lady luck in Las Vegas
  • Experience the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park
  • Be a bohemian in San Francisco
  • Stand in the shade of giant Redwoods along Big Sur
  • Visit Los Angeles and people-watch on Venice Beach
  • Admire the strange landscape of the Joshua Tree National Park

California Dreamin' Summary

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Day 1 Los Angeles

Stars, surf, superficiality and sunshine - Los Angeles is a bold, sprawling city with a pronounced swagger and a surprising amount of charm.

Days 2-3 San Diego

Relax into the great weather, beautiful beaches and laidback lifestyle of San Diego, a city close to the Mexican border with a celebrated outdoor lifestyle.

Day 4 Joshua Tree National Park/Colorado River

Owing its worldwide fame to U2, the Joshua Tree National Park lies within the Mojave and Colorado deserts and is striking for its rock formations and incredible night skies. Lake Havasu is actually a reservoir on the Colorado River created in the 1930s. It's a popular place known for fishing, boating and hiking.

Days 5-6 Grand Canyon

Words don't do justice to the Grand Canyon, a stunning 1.5 km deep gorge formed by over six million years of erosion from the Colorado River.

Days 7-8 Las Vegas

To witness the roll of the dice, the brightness of the lights and the general ostentatiousness of Las Vegas is a quintessential American experience.

Day 9 Death Valley/Sierra Nevada

Located within the Mojave Desert, Death Valley is one of North America's hottest places. Despite its grim name, the area is beautiful and full of life. A mountain range that runs for 640 km through California and Nevada, the Sierra Nevada is host to stunning mountain peaks, alpine lakes and beautiful wilderness areas.

Days 10-11 Yosemite National Park

If heaven descended to Earth, it would probably look like Yosemite. One of America's most popular national parks, its waterfalls, dramatic cliffs and wilderness areas are breathtaking.

Days 12-13 San Francisco

As a truly multicultural city, San Francisco has a wealth of cuisines, cultures, artistic events and eclectic scenes over every hill and around every corner.

Day 14 Californian coast

Known as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara is a popular Californian city that features great beaches, celebrated wineries and a sunny disposition.

Day 15 Los Angeles

Although not as glitzy as it likes to make out, LA does have a lot to offer with its eclectic array of restaurants, entertainment and modern-day culture.