Kilimanjaro trekking

Africa’s tallest peak paints an instantly recognisable silhouette, rising all alone from the acacia forests and scrubland on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. It’s actually the world’s tallest freestanding mountain at 5,985m, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for the eager novice. We offer a range of routes to suit every level of experience and fitness – trust us, it’s worth the effort. With sweeping views of the African veldt, you’ll be able to pick out the tiny herds of migrating elephant, wandering giraffe and rare crowned eagles riding the thermals overhead. 

Best time to visit

Kilimanjaro’s location near the equator is a great advantage, with very little seasonal variation in climbing conditions. Having said that, the rainy seasons from March to May and November to December may make the track a little slippery. Generally speaking, January, February and September are considered the best times to climb the mountain.


Life on the trek

Kilimanjaro treks are well provisioned, with porters and hot meals on hand to help keep your strength up for the ascent. Most days include about five to ten hours trekking, with regular breaks to eat and refuel. There are dedicated toilet huts, and you’ll have a bowl of warm water to wash with on a daily basis. Porters will help set up camp daily and carry your heavier packs. 

Different routes

AUD $2,950
CHF FR2,095
EUR €2,045
USD $2,495
NZD $3,175
CAD $2,760
ZAR R27,220
GBP £1,510
To hike Kilimanjaro is to conquer the highest peak in Africa. Travel up the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro with experienced...
AUD $3,040
EUR €2,104
CHF FR2,160
USD $2,592
NZD $3,264
ZAR R28,004
CAD $2,836
GBP £1,560
Approach Mt Kilimanjaro from the north for the opportunity to see amazing mountainside African animals – monkeys and...
AUD $3,372
EUR €2,336
CHF FR2,396
CAD $3,152
GBP £1,732
ZAR R31,104
NZD $3,628
USD $2,880
Travel to Tanzania and embark on an ascent of mighty Mt Kilimanjaro along the Machame Route. Stay at Shira, Barranco...
USD $4,085
CAD $4,685
AUD $5,020
EUR €3,475
GBP £2,575
NZD $5,395
ZAR R46,260
CHF FR3,560
Travel to Africa and visit the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. From Nairobi in Kenya to the Serengeti National Park and Mt...


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