I'm having trouble registering.

If you are having trouble registering, check that the following are in place:

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If you're still having trouble please email marketing@intrepidtravel.com

Why can't I see the security code?

If you cannot see the security code, the image may be being blocked by your browser or internet security software that mistakenly thinks the image is an advertisement. To correct this, either allow ads to be shown on the registration page, or disable your internet security software while you register. You will only need to enter this security code upon registration.

What do I do if I have unsubscribed but still continue to receive newsletters?

Our systems are set up to unsubscribe you the moment you no longer wish to receive a specific e-newsletter from us, however please allow 3-5 days for your subscription status to be updated in the event this doesn't happen immediately. If you continue to receive e-newsletters from Intrepid after this period of time, please email marketing@intrepidtravel.com