The passage to Petra is long and narrow, winding through The Siq: a 1.2km canyon rent asunder by tectonic forces long ago. The walls are high and oppressive, blocking out the light, and just when you think it will never end, you see it – the Grecian sandstone columns of The Treasury. Nothing quite prepares you for the sight of this architectural marvel, built by the Nabataeans in the 3rd century BC to control the spice route. It lies in relief, carved deep into the red cliffs like something from another world. Thousands of travellers make the pilgrimage to Petra every year, and not one of them leaves disappointed. 

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Petra Uncovered

3 days, Amman round trip

A compact add-on to your Jordan itinerary. Float in the Dead Sea, walk the ancient ruins of Petra and look out from Mt Nebo to the distant gleam of Jerusalem.

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Explore Jordan

8 days, Amman to Madaba

An immersive introduction to the sand-covered wonders of Jordan. Explore the secrets of Wadi Rum and the mosaics of Madaba, then camp beneath the desert stars with a real Bedouin tribe.

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Jordan Family - Journey to the lost

15 days, Amman to Dead Sea

Specially designed to capture Jordan’s beauty and history for the whole family. Get off the beaten trail and explore the Red Sea coast, the sands of Wadi Rum and the Roman city of Jerash.

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Best time to visit

For such a small country, Jordan has an extraordinary range of climates. The best times to visit are in spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November) when the temperatures are milder. For an extra treat, travel in April to catch the wildflowers in bloom.


Forgotten fact

Petra means ‘rock’ in Greek, but the original Arab name for the site is less certain.


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