Angkor Wat

It’s probably the most iconic silhouette in all of South East Asia: the sun dipping behind the tiered temples and vine-covered ruins of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat. The ancient seat of the Khmer kingdom, the sheer scale of Angkor is breathtaking: 400 sq km of crumbling temples and ancient galleries, now overgrown with strangler figs, creeping vines and soft, green moss. We’ll get you right up close to Angkor’s biggest attractions, as well as showing you a few secluded sites away from the usual tourist track. 

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Angkor Trails

9 days, 
An immersive odyssey through ancient Khmer culture and old-world colonial charm in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

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Secrets of Angkor

3 days, 
An in-depth look at the Angkor temple complex, for those culture vultures searching for more detail than what’s offered on the usual tourist trail. 

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Best of Cambodia

14 days, 
For those looking to uncover the fragrant, beating heart of Cambodia, this is the ultimate immersive tour. From the picture-perfect coastline to the mysterious jungles of Angkor.

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Classic Cambodia

6 days, 
A whirlwind trip tracing the colourful history of Cambodia all the way from bustling Phnom Penh to the nightlife and colonial charm of Siem Reap.

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Best time to visit

When visiting Angkor there are two factors to consider: time of year and time of day. To make the most of your visit, it’s generally best to travel between November and February, when the weather is drier and the temperature a little cooler. When it comes to time of day, try to outthink the tourists. Visit the site when it opens at dawn (5am), when most people are taking their lunch (around 1pm) or right before the park closes (6pm). Not only will you miss most of the crowds, you’ll catch the best sunrises and sunsets over the temple complex. 


Forgotten fact

Angkor Wat is mostly orientated towards the west, a direction typically associated with death in Hindu culture. This was very unusual for monuments at the time, and the true reason behind it remains a mystery to this day. 


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