Gorillas to Vic Falls In Depth Itinerary

Embark on the ultimate African adventure tour. See chimps in Uganda's Budongo Forest, elephants in Kenya and go on a gorilla safari in Rwanda. This tour is unforgettable experience of wildlife, culture, food and epic landscapes.

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Close up of young Gorilla in National Park

Elephant trunk

White Rhinos in fields of green

Male Elephant in his natural habitat

Elephants and Flamingos share the Tanzanian landscape

Hippo submerged to its neck in swamp

Locals and tourists bathe together in Victoria Falls

Pondering Chimp looks to the sky

Day 1 Nairobi

Arrive in Nairobi to the sounds of the bustling population and explore this fast-paced capital.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 2 Nakuru

Head for Nakuru and perhaps pay a visit to a working dairy farm.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 3 Kericho

Spend time mingling with eager students before taking an optional tea plantation visit at Kericho.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 4-5 Jinja

Cross into Uganda and set up camp in Jinja near Lake Victoria, preparing for two days of adventure. For adrenaline junkies, why not try some whitewater rafting.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Day 6 Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Visit Uganda’s Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, an important organisation that helps to reintroduce rhinos back into the wild. Join a local ranger and observe these impressive beasts in their natural habitat.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 7 Kaniyo Pabidi Forest

Venture to the Budongo Forest for an afternoon of chimpanzee trekking in Kaniyo Pabidi.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 8-9 Murchison Falls National Park

Take an afternoon game drive in the delta – home to plenty of elephants, buffalo, giraffes and antelopes.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Day 10 Bush Camp

Head south and camp in the heart of the great outdoors.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Day 11 Queen Elizabeth National Park

Descend into the Great Rift Valley and embark on a game drive through the stunning Queen Elizabeth National Park. In the afternoon, take a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, well known for its healthy population of hippos.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 12 Lake Bunyonyi

Make tracks to Lake Bunyonyi - home to some of the most picturesque scenery in Uganda.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 13-15 Kigali/Ruhengeri/Gorilla trek

Cross into Rwanda, stopping at Kigali for a visit to the moving Genocide Memorial. Continue on to Ruhengeri and make a memorable trek into one of the last remaining sanctuaries of the mountain gorilla.
ACCOM: Hostel - 3

Day 16 Lake Mburo National Park

Reenter Uganda and camp on the shores of the stunning Lake Mburo, surrounded by an amazing array of wildlife.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 17 Jinja

Travel to Jinja, via Kampala, stopping at the equator. Camp overnight by the riverside.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 18 Eldoret

Cross back into Kenya and visit Eldoret – a high altitude retreat that is an ideal training ground for Kenya’s endurance athletes.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 19 Nakuru National Park

Frolic around a flamingo-filled lake and camp overnight on a dairy farm at Nakuru.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 20 Nairobi

Embark on a game drive through Nakuru National Park before returning to Nairobi.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 21-23 Masai Mara/Nairobi

Head for the Masai Mara. Keep an eye out for prides of lions, herds of elephants and, if you are lucky, a stealthy cheetah or leopard, all of which call the Masai Mara home. After a couple of days game driving, make your way back to cosmopolitan Nairobi and soak up the lively restaurant and bar scene.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Day 24 Arusha

Enter Tanzania and head for Arusha, Tanzania's safari capital, located at the base of Mt Meru. Stock up on supplies and perhaps enjoy a traditional meal at one of the many eateries before making your way into the wilds of Africa!
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 25-26 Serengeti National Park/Ngorongoro Crater

Journey into the wide, open plains of the Serengeti National Park, home to thousands of hoofed animals and fierce predators. Try to spot all of Africa's Big Five on game drives and sleep in the midst of nature, letting the nocturnal sounds of this unique African habitat lull you to sleep.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 2

Day 27 Mto Wa Mbu

The famous Ngorongoro Crater is home to more than 30,000 animals including the endangered black rhino, zebras and hippos. Keep cameras handy as you game drive through the heart of this natural wonder. Stop by the small village community of Mto Wa Mbu and get an insight into the traditional African way of life.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 28 Marangu

Climb the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro to reach the small village of Marangu, which is situated by streams that run down from Mt Kilimanjaro's glaciers. Enjoy fantastic views of the mountain and the surrounding countryside.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 29-30 Dar es Salaam

Travel south to Dar es Salaam to camp on the beach by the city's outskirts. Stroll along the bustling ports, people-watch from the chilled cafes or kick back on the warm sands and relax.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 31-33 Zanzibar

Catch the ferry to Zanzibar, the spice island so full of fragrant bazaars and delicious eateries that you can almost smell it before you dock! Take a guided tour through the spice plantations of cinnamon and vanilla, and shop for authentic goods at the markets. Work up an appetite walking through the friendly atmosphere of the port town before making the most of exquisite local restaurants that utilise local produce to create the freshest meals.
ACCOM: Hotel - 3

Day 34 Dar es Salaam

Return to the mainland and Dar es Salaam. Spend one last day enjoying the seaside before heading inland for more African encounters.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Day 35 Iringa

Journey through the rolling plains of Mikumi National Park to Kisolanza Farm in Iringa, a town set into the slopes of a cliff overlooking Little Ruaha River. Wander through the markets that are full of colourfully dressed locals and if feeling game, try the legendary Dabaga chilli sauce.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 36-38 Lake Malawi

Enter Malawi and head straight for the lake that covers almost a fifth of the country. Spot fisherman aboard their dugout canoes, floating on the still waters at the break of day.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Day 39 Lilongwe

Travel to Lilongwe, Malawi's capital. With a vibrant atmosphere, the city is a hub for the country's cultural output and boasts a lively restaurant and bar scene.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1

Days 40-41 South Luangwa National Park

Cross the border into Zambia to game drive through South Luangwa National Park. The Luangwa River is home to vast numbers of crocodiles and hippos, while the plains of the park contain many species of buck, kudu and gazelle. Perhaps visit Kawaza village to see a local dance performance and try a traditional Kunda midday meal.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Day 42 Luangwa River

Camp on the banks of the river, under a blanket of stars in the African night sky.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Days 43-45 Lower Zambezi

Canoe down the gentle Lower Zambezi River. Float through a stunning natural landscape, keeping an eye out for wildlife stopping to drink at the river banks. Camp on islands dotted throughout the waters.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Day 46 Choma/Livingstone

Journey through the rolling African landscape and lose yourself in the vast expanse of this wild continent.
ACCOM: Bush camp (no facilities) - 1

Days 47-48 Victoria Falls

Get an early start in Zimbabwe and make a v-line for the awesome power of Victoria Falls. This curtain of water stretches almost a mile across and falls over 100 m into a narrow gorge below. The spray created from this powerful raging torrent can reach up to 400 m in the air!
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 1