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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

The ultimate Turkish adventure from the city to the sea

Float over sunken cities, discover surreal mountainous landscapes and journey through crumbling ghost towns on this 15-day foray into Turkey. Travel to ancient cultural sites and lose yourself in the magic of the Ottoman Empire, sample traditional delicacies sourced from land and sea, and pay a visit to a local family in Cappadocia. Enjoy a boat cruise on the Mediterranean, hike the Lycian Way and drink fruit wine in a town that time forgot - this Turkey Experience will surely captivate.

  • Admire the majestic Blue Mosque
  • Delight in Cappadocia's rock-hewn buildings
  • Immerse weary feet into Pamukkale's thermal waters
  • Marvel at the grand skyline of Istanbul
  • Sail over a sunken city on the Mediterranean
  • Travel to Goreme and discover mysterious fairy chimneys
  • Visit Turkey's best-preserved Roman ruins at Ephesus
  • Wander along the ancient Lycian Way

Turkey Experience Summary

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Days 1-2 Istanbul/Goreme

Adorned with treasure from all periods of human history, Istanbul is not only one of the world's most fascinating places, it's also one of its most mesmerising.

Days 3-4 Goreme

Sculptured by millenniums of erosion and centuries of human craftsmanship, Goreme is a truly magical place with fairy chimneys, rock-hewn churches and underground cities.

Day 5 Konya

Home to the mesmerising Whirling Dervish sect of Islam, Konya has strong theological roots, remarkable architecture, a historical market district and excellent museums.

Days 6-7 Antalya

With cobblestone streets and beautifully preserved Ottoman-style buildings, Antalya's Old Town lies along Turkey's Mediterranean coast and looks on to picturesque mountains.

Days 8-9 Kas

Sunken cities, Mediterranean beaches, a whitewashed Old Town, spectacular cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere are all found in delightful Kas.

Days 10-11 Kayakoy

Once a small Greek town, Kayakoy is now virtually a ghost town and maintained as a museum with fascinating ruins, especially of the two churches.

Days 12-13 Selcuk via Pamukkale

The arresting cascade of travertines and nearby hot springs have attracted visitors to Pamukkale since ancient times. Selcuk's claim to fame is its proximity to the amazing ruins of Ephesus, although it has its own charm with its orchards, forests and strong cultural roots.

Days 14-15 Istanbul

The wonderful city of Istanbul has an incredibly rich history, amazing array of architectural styles, a delectable cuisine, vibrant nightlife, fascinating culture and oodles of style.