Treasures of Turkey Itinerary

From the streets of Istanbul to the summit of Mt Nemrut, treasures of history, nature, culture and cuisine are just waiting to be discovered on this tour of Turkey.

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Whirling Dervishes on show

Lone Pine on the fields of Gallipoli

Library Celsus Ruins in fields of Ephesus

Turkish delight


Days 1-2 Istanbul

Travel to Istanbul and discover a magical city of minarets, mosques and markets that will inspire and delight. Get to know Sultanahmet or bargain with cheeky vendors in the Grand Bazaar. Be dazzled by the exquisite architecture of the Blue Mosque, sniff out the spice markets or grab a strong Turkish coffee and watch the world go by.
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Day 3 Gallipoli Peninsula

Reflect on a tragic moment in history amid the moving memorials and windswept scenery along this peninsula. Experience how the stunning natural beauty of Gallipoli makes it hard to believe that one of the most devastating and fiercely fought battles of WWI was fought here.
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Days 4-5 Ayvalik (May-September)

Take an optional trip to Troy where a little imagination can make the history of the ruins come to life. Later, in Ayvalik, relax on an Aegean cruise across the azure waters.
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Day 6 Selcuk

See how Ephesus, once the heart of the great Eastern Roman Empire, still retains some of its past glory. Then, maybe delve deeper into the area’s fascinating history at the Ephesus Museum or visit the Basilica of St John in Selcuk.
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Day 7 Pamukkale

Admire the pools at Pamukkale, which have been famed for their medicinal qualities since Roman times. Enjoy a warming dip at Hierapolis and, during winter, stop by Aphrodisias, a city dedicated to the Greek goddess of love and beauty.
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Days 8-10 Antalya

Discover a bewitching mix of history, charm and modern sophistication in Antalya. Visit the ruined city of Termessos, one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the region. During free time, wander through Kaleici to see relics of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman occupation, visit ancient Hadrian's Gate and Hıdırlık Tower, or be lured by the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean.
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Days 11-13 Goreme

Make tracks to Goreme and get ready to be wowed. Spend time at the Open-Air Museum, seeing incredible rock-hewn churches with brightly coloured frescoes. Enjoy an orientation walk around the city and witness traditional local life unfold among the sites. Whether wandering through the enigmatic ‘fairy chimneys’ or exploring its underground cities, Goreme is sure to mesmerise.
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Day 14 Mt Nemrut

One of the more fascinating mountain summits in the world, Mt Nemrut is littered with majestic statues that represent gods long since forgotten. Reputedly created to guard the mausoleum of Antiochus, many of the statues’ heads have fallen off and tumbled, creating an almost macabre arena of stone beheadings. Hopefully arrive in time to see the setting sun illuminate this startling scene.
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Day 15 Homestay

Travel by ferry across Ataturk Dam and journey to a village near Hilvan for a homestay. Experience the life of a local in this traditional area, sharing a home-cooked feast with the family and sleeping on soft Urfa mattress beds, typical of the region.
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Day 16 Sanliurfa

A Muslim pilgrimage site due to biblical Abraham reportedly being born here, Sanliurfa is an ancient city steeped in history that shows itself in every stone. Look out for a white carp in the sacred Fish Pool, enjoy views of the city from the Throne of Nimrod Fortress and be entranced by the incredible Kazzaz Bazaar, operating since 1562.
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Day 17 Mardin

Looking out over the Mesopotamian plains onto northern Syria, Mardin is an intriguing city that is home to the Saffron Monastery, one of the world’s oldest monasteries.
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Days 18-19 Istanbul

Return to Istanbul, a city with one foot in the East and the other in the West. Be overwhelmed by its history, vibrancy and beauty on a walking tour before celebrating this Turkey Discovery tour over a dinner of delectable local cuisine.
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