Gallipoli Pilgrimage Itinerary

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Day 1 Istanbul/Gallipoli

Be humbled while exploring a region equated with one of the most significant military battles of our time. Embark on a guided tour through Anzac Cove to the battlefields of Nek and Lone Pine, and be amazed at how this now serene coastline once saw such brutal scenes of war. Hear stories of heroism and camaraderie that unfolded among the tragedies of what has become a defining moment in Australian, New Zealand and Turkish history and take the time to read moving inscriptions etched onto a sea of gravestones.

Day 2 Gallipoli/Istanbul

On day two, perhaps take the opportunity to snorkel over a WWI shipwreck off the coast or venture further afield to historic Troy before returning to Istanbul.The journey provides a great opportunity to pay respect for those who lost their lives and to reflect on what they fought for.