Top 12 Vietnam holiday reviews

A holiday in Vietnam carries a certain allure that escapes some of its neighbouring countries, and has much to do with the post-war legacy and subsequent evolution as a top tourist destination in South East Asia. Immortalised so widely and vividly in film and literature, Vietnam is the kind of place that many travellers will have built up a picture of in their imagination long before they arrive. But the country that greets you in reality is guaranteed to exceed all expectations. So sit down on a tiny stool at the local Bia Hoi, and enjoy a taste of everything that a Vietnam holiday has to offer!

Top reviews on Vietnam holidays

If a holiday in Vietnam sounds like a dream escape, take a look at our Intrepid traveller feedback below. Whether you’re curious about the experience of a Halong Bay cruise, or want to find out what it’s like to cross through the manic traffic of Ho Chi Minh City, our Vietnam holiday reviews below reveal what it’s like to travel here with Intrepid.

Vietnam Family Holiday , September 2016

Vicki Ison

Classic Vietnam , September 2016

Leeanne Gardiner

Vietnam Express Southbound , September 2016

James WahDay

Vietnam Family Holiday , September 2016

Julia Burnell

Vietnam Express Southbound , September 2016

ben oconnell

Classic Vietnam , October 2016

John Shillito

Vietnam Express Southbound , October 2016

Sandra Lindsay

Intrepid Vietnam Express Northbound - Flight Centre , September 2016

Michael Brooke

Vietnam Express Southbound , October 2016

John Scrimshaw

Vietnam Express Northbound , September 2016

Michael Krynski

Vietnam Express Southbound , September 2016

Chandrika Rao

Vietnam Express Southbound , September 2016

Michael Beale


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