Explore Northern Thailand

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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Travel from Bangkok to Sukhothai, Lampang and Chiang Mai

Northern Thailand is a treasure-trove filled with glittering temples, ancient ruins, exotic markets and sumptuous foods. Explore the capital of Siam's golden age at Sukhothai, travel through the rainforest of Lampang by elephant, visit the bustling markets of Chiang Mai, stay at a special homestay with local friends and enjoy a traditional khantohk dinner - there's so much to discover on this tour through Thailand's northern kingdom.

  • Soak up the dynamic vibe of Bangkok city
  • Try fried bugs at the Sukhothai night market
  • Explore Lampang's enchanting ruins by bike
  • Watch elephants bathing in the jungle
  • Enjoy a traditional khantohk dinner
  • Discover adventure and relaxation in Chiang Mai
  • Travel from Chiang Mai to Bangkok on an overnight train

Explore Northern Thailand Summary

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Day 1 Bangkok

Loud, bright, chaotic and delightful, Bangkok is a city of modern excesses intermingled with simple traditions, all wrapped up in the famous smiles of the locals.

Day 2 Sukhothai

With some of the most impressive ruins in Thailand, Sukhothai is a friendly town with a wealth of fabulous sights to see.

Day 3 Lampang

Lampang is a northern Thai city with interesting temples and great bars - and where the horse and cart is still used for transport, mainly for tourists though.

Day 4 Homestay

Our fascinating homestay is hosted by some long-time Intrepid friends in a small Thai village. Enjoy a delicious Khantohk dinner while being entertained by traditional Thai music and dance.

Days 5-7 Chiang Mai

Awash with stunning temples, fabulous markets and a lively city centre, charming Chiang Mai is rich in culture and the gateway to the northern hilltribes.

Day 8 Bangkok

Bangkok is more than just colourful city streets, khlongs (canals) weave their way through suburbs, forest parks green up the city and Buddhist temples help bring serenity.