Best of Thailand & Malaysia

Travel from Bangkok to Sukhothai and Chiang Mai before visiting Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Discover Thai beaches and Malaysian Islands

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Travel to Thailand and Malaysia and visit Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur

Visit South-East Asia’s buzzing cities and pristine islands on a highlight packed journey through Thailand and Malaysia. Explore these distinct cultures, from the laidback beachside bliss of Krabi to modern Kuala Lumpur. Travel to Northern Thailand and experience the incredible hospitality of the Thai people on a rural homestay. Discover Chiang Mai, a treasure trove of glittering temples and mouth-watering cuisine, before heading south to the beach havens of Penang and Phi Phi island. Contrast the sights and sounds of South-East Asia by ending the trip in ultra-modern Singapore, a glimpse of the future and a great place to explore.

  • Soak up the frenetic vibe of Bangkok city
  • Try fried bugs at Sukhothai's night market
  • Explore Lampang's enchanting ruins by bicycle
  • Experience Thai culture and adventure in Chiang Mai
  • Spot wildlife in Khao Sok National Park
  • Take a day trip to Phi Phi Island
  • Walk through Penang’s colonial Georgetown
  • Walk through Penang’s colonial Georgetown

What's included in this trip

  • Start:

    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Finish:

    Singapore, Singapore
  • Group size:

    Min 1 , Max 12
  • Ages:

    Min 12
  • Meals:

    2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Accommodation:

    Guesthouse (4 nts), Homestay (2 nts), Hotel (11 nts), Overnight sleeper train (2 nts), Resort (2 nts)
  • Transport:

    Bus, Minibus, Overnight sleeper train, Private minibus, Songthaew, Taxi, Train
  • Included activities:

    Bangkok - Khlong boat (canal) tour, Bangkok - Wat Pho temple, Chiang Mai - Hot springs, Homestay - Thai cooking demonstration, Homestay - Village walk, Khao Sok - Cheow Lan Lake tour, Krabi - Phi Phi Island day trip, Kuala Lumpur - Half-day sightseeing tour, Lampang - Elephant Conservation Centre, Lampang - Elephant ride, Melaka - Trishaw tour, Sukhothai - Historical park guided cycle tour & home-cooked picnic lunch

  • Carbon emissions offset:

    713kg pp per trip
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Best of Thailand & Malaysia Summary

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Day 1 Bangkok

Loud, bright, chaotic and delightful, Bangkok is a city of modern excesses intermingled with simple traditions, all wrapped up in the famous smiles of the locals.

Day 2 Sukhothai

With some of the most impressive ruins in Thailand, Sukhothai is a friendly town with a wealth of fabulous sights to see.

Day 3 Lampang

Lampang is a northern Thai city with interesting temples and great bars - and where the horse and cart is still used for transport, mainly for tourists though.

Day 4 Homestay

An experience like no other, spend the night with a welcoming Thai family, learning about their lives and traditions before sharing a delicious dinner.

Days 5-7 Chiang Mai

Awash with stunning temples, fabulous markets and a lively city centre, charming Chiang Mai is rich in culture and the gateway to the northern hilltribes.

Days 8-9 Bangkok

Bangkok is more than just colourful city streets, khlongs (canals) weave their way through suburbs, forest parks green up the city and Buddhist temples help bring serenity.

Days 10-11 Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is simply breathtaking. Dense rainforests hide a myriad of exotic animals and plants, and walking trails revel awesome waterfalls, lakes and caves.

Day 12 Homestay

Get under the skin of the culture and experience the life of a local on a village homestay in Thailand.

Days 13-14 Krabi

With powdery white-sand beaches, limestone karsts jutting out of cerulean waters and jaw-dropping scenery both in and out of the water, Krabi is a slice of paradise.

Days 15-16 Penang

Penang - Malaysia's prized island - has a beautiful coastline, wonderful cuisine and its colonial heritage is still present in amongst the modern skyscrapers that tower over Georgetown.

Days 17-18 Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian food has been heavily influenced by centuries of migration and trade. Chinese, India, Portuguese, Dutch and the native Malay - Peranakan. No where is that more evident than in Kuala Lumpur.

Days 19-20 Melaka

An intriguing blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Portuguese cultures, Melaka has a wealth of interesting architecture, distinctive food and cultural heritage.

Days 21-22 Singapore

Made up of 63 islands, Singapore is a thriving country with amazing food, wonderful shopping, lush parks, excellent nightlife and a fascinating blend of cultures.
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