1 years | Global

Tell us about you

I like to feel like I’m moving and planning the next adventure to experience as much as I can of what this world has to offer.

Favourite travel destination and why

Nepal. For its spiritual feel and high mountains where people live and breathe the freshest of air.

How many countries have you visited?

28 and still counting!

Most recent adventure

The colourful towns and beaches of Morocco.

Best travel memory

Standing on a bridge in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where there was a rainbow full circle around it.

Best travel tips

Share your experiences with everyone you meet during your travels. You could be giving them a great gift – their next amazing travel adventure.

Favourite food experience

Vegetable momo’s in Nepal, hommus kebabs in Turkey, pizza in Naples and fish amok in Cambodia.

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Don’t hold back! The only thing to consider is how and when you’re going to do it, not if you’re going to do it!

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

I have been curious about Peru and its culture for years now - it’s time!