Cairo to Khartoum Overview

An adventure tour from Egypt to Sudan. This trip is the ultimate North African adventure; travel from Cairo to Khartoum via Aswan, Luxor and Meroe.

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Embark on a North African adventure from Egypt to Sudan

Marvel at ancient wonders on this 27-day adventure tour into the arid heart of North Africa. Covering some of the planet's most spectacular landscapes, this unforgettable journey from Cairo, Egypt's vibrant capital, to friendly Khartoum city in Sudan takes in legendary sites of antiquity, lush oases and remote desert settlements. Gaze in awe at the famous Egyptian temples, tombs and pyramids of Giza, Luxor and Aswan. Voyage across mighty Lake Nasser and follow a Nile camel route through the rugged Nubian Desert. Discover the rich culture and mesmerising charm of both Egypt and Sudan on this incredible adventure travel experience.

  • Camp out in the remote Nubian Desert
  • Experience sublime wonder at the legendary pyramids of Giza and the great Sphinx
  • Explore the ancient pyramids of Meroe
  • Gaze at ancient tomb paintings in the Valley of the Kings
  • Marvel at the treasures of the Egyptian Museum
  • Sip chai in Khartoum city
  • Travel through the spectacular landscape of Egypt's Western Desert
  • Watch Sufi Whirling Dervishes dance themselves into religious ecstasy

What's included in this trip

  • Start:

    Cairo, Egypt
  • Finish:

  • Group size:

    Min 4 , Max 21
  • Ages:

    Min 18
  • Meals:

    15 breakfasts, 15 lunches, 15 dinners
  • Accommodation:

    Bush camp (no facilities) (12 nts), Camping (with facilities) (3 nts), Hotel (10 nts), Overnight ferry (1 nt)
  • Transport:

    Ferry, Overland vehicle
  • Included activities:

    Guided tour of Karnak Temple, Guided tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Guided trip to Meroe Pyramids, Naqa Temple and Musawwarat Temples, Guided visit to the Giza Pyramids, Guided visit to Valley of the Kings and other West Bank ruins, Kushite temples and pyramids at Jebel Barkal, Visit to Temple of Edfu, Visit to Temple of Sulb, Visits to Crystal Mountain and Black Desert

  • Carbon emissions offset:

    734kg pp per trip
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Cairo to Khartoum Summary

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Days 1-2 Cairo

Explore the iconic Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza and the sprawling Saqqara cemetery with a local guide. There's also time to see precious, ancient treasures housed in the Egyptian Museum.

Days 3-4 Bahariya Oasis/White Desert

Set of from Cairo and into the Western Desert. Travel in the footsteps of thousands of years of travellers and see why so many people are touched by this part of the world. We explore Ptolemaic tombs, hot springs, palm groves and the remote Crystal Mountain. Camp under the stars at the Bahariya Oasis and in the White Desert.

Day 5 Dakhla Oasis

Journey to the rose-hued rocks, antiquities and greenery of the Dakhla Oasis. There is the opportunity to take an overnight camel trek into the desert to camp near hot springs.

Days 6-7 El Kharga Oasis

The outstanding Temple of Hebes is not the only beauty of this area. Palm tree lined streets, unspoilt springs and numerous antiquities are spoils of the area. Sleep under a million stars in this special part of Egypt.

Days 8-10 Luxor

The ancient Egyptian capital of Luxor houses spectacular temples and tombs. Ride a donkey to the remarkable Valley of the Kings and visit the Temples of Karnak with an Egyptologist.

Days 11-14 Aswan

Arrive in Aswan and unwind with a stroll along the Nile River or take a relaxing felucca cruise, followed by a sunset cocktail. See a giant, unfinished obelisk, haggle for souvenirs and treasures in the souq or take a trip to see the two magnificent temples of Abu Simbel.

Days 15-16 Wadi Halfa

Embark on an epic ferry adventure across Lake Nasser, an enormous man-made lake. Glimpse spectacular scenery en route to the port of Wadi Halfa at Sudan's northern tip.

Days 17-22 Nubian Desert

Travel into Sudan and follow a camel route through the rugged terrain of the Nubian Desert, passing oases, small Nile hamlets and ancient relics of past civilisations. In the evening, share a simple meal around the campfire and sleep under the stars as nomadic locals pass by.

Days 25-27 Khartoum

Brush up on some Arabic language skills with the friendly residents of Khartoum city, Sudan's busy capital. Relax in a chai house and recount memories of this remarkable North African tour.
    • 27
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      USD $390
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