1 years | Asia

Tell us about you

I have a passion for travel and photography, and they happily go hand in hand. 

Favourite travel destination and why

One of my favourite places is New Zealand - the people are so welcoming and helpful, and the scenery is breathtaking. I was able to do the Alpine Crossing on Tongariro, which is a 17 km hike to the top of a volcano that is nestled into the same range as Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings! The Maori culture is amazing, and there is so much to learn about it on the North Island. The capital, Wellington, is an amazing, little, windy city - easy to get around with a great vibe. All-in-all it is an incredible place to visit.

Most recent adventure

In May 2012 I went on an incredible journey in Jordan and Israel. 

Best travel memory

I was absolutely blown away by the desert in Wadi Rum, Jordan. The rock formations were stunning, and the sand just goes on and on. We went on an amazing 4x4 ride to some incredible dunes, which was a great way to see the sights. At our campsite we had some delicious Jordanian food, we enjoyed a campfire and some dancing. I got to sleep under a starry desert sky, and to top it all off I took an early morning camel ride across the sand.

Best travel tips

Pack what you think you need and then take away half!

Favourite food experience

I have never experienced fruit like I had in Thailand. Every piece of fruit offered to me was deliciously sweet and unique - Longan, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Dragonfruit and more! In New Zealand I went to this absolutely incredible restaurant where I had the best rack of lamb I have ever experienced!

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Expect the unexpected! Make new friends, and be prepared to change your itinerary on a whim. Mingle with the locals to find the best resturants, bars and hidden gems. 

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

The next country that I am going to visit is Vietnam. I can't wait to see the diversity of this country from south to north. There is so much to see - city, beach, mountain, sea, river, temples and countryside.