1 years | Global

Favourite travel destination and why

South America! The food, culture, landscapes, wildlife and people make this the best place to travel. Valparaiso has incredible street art, Buenos Aires is home to the delicious empanada, the Galapagos Island has more diverse wildlife than you see in a zoo and everywhere there are friendly, happy people.

Most recent adventure

Travelling through China recently, I hugged pandas, hiked the Great Wall, danced at the Terracotta Warriors, fought crowds at Tiananmen Square and stayed with local villagers for a night and ate starfish.

Best travel memory

Sitting on the top of the world and calling my twin sister from Everest Base Camp on a satellite phone to celebrate our 22nd birthday. 

Best travel tips

Always be aware of local customs and rules, and learn a few phrases in the local language.

Favourite food experience

Eating 200 grams of prime Argentinean steak that was presented to the table and sliced in half by the chef using only two spoons... we also ate a wheel of fried cheese that night.

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Uganda - I would love to see the gorillas.