Trans-Siberian and Mongolia Itinerary

Travel to Russia, China and Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Beijing to St Petersburg. Visit the Great Wall of China, tour Mongolia and see the Kremlin in Moscow.

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Forbidden City, Beijing

Matryoshka dolls

Great Wall, China

Mongolia countryside

Trans-Siberian train

St Bazil's Cathedral, Moscow

Days 1-3 Beijing

The fascinating city of Beijing is the ideal place to start this journey. Uncover the secrets of the Forbidden City, walk through Tiananmen Square and enjoy a day at the amazing Great Wall of China, which stretches far over China and is one of mankind's most astonishing architectural achievements.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 4-7 Ulaanbaatar/Ger Camp

Cross the border into Mongolia and journey into the grasslands of Genghis Khan. Stay in a traditional ger, walk through alpine parks, cook Mongolian dumplings and visit a community project that supports disadvantaged children.
ACCOM: Ger - 1, Hotel - 2, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Day 8 Trans-Mongolian Railway/Ulan Ude

Take a train ride north through the vast steppe of Mongolia, taking in views of a changing landscape and heading towards Siberia, the heart of Russia.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 9-11 Lake Baikal

Enjoy feasting on local food while on an overnight homestay and participate in traditional customs on the shores of sparkling Lake Baikal.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 2, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 12-13 Trans-Siberian Railway

The route of the famed Trans-Siberian Railway covers vast terrain, crossing the taiga and travelling through five time zones on its way from Asia to Europe. Watch the world go by and relax on this famous locomotive.
ACCOM: Overnight sleeper train - 2

Days 14-15 Kungur

Break up the journey with a stop in tranquil Kungur, home to an onion-domed skyline and an abundance of beautiful natural landscapes. See one of the world's biggest ice caves which is permanently frozen all year round.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 16-18 Moscow

Wander the streets of Moscow, Russia's capital, and take in the famous Red Square, St Basil's Cathedral and the magnificent Kremlin. Visit the Armoury Museum and Lenin's Mausoleum for a dose of history.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2, Overnight sleeper train - 1

Days 19-21 St Petersburg

The elegant city of St Petersburg, full of must-see monuments and complete with a lively night scene, is the final breathtaking destination on this epic cross-continental journey.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2