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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Discover mystique, tradition and flair between Moscow and St Petersburg

Taste mystery and intrigue on a revealing tour of Russia - a land that lay hidden behind the Iron Curtain for decades. Experience the grandeur of Moscow, the beauty of Russia's ancient capitals Suzdal and Novgorod, and the grace of St Petersburg. Visit the intricately detailed cathedrals, historic monuments, age-old treasures and romantic landscapes of this great nation, and find the heart of enigmatic Russia.

  • Admire tsarist treasures in the Hermitage
  • Be treated to a Russian tea party
  • Discover imperial treasures in the Kremlin
  • Experience a mesh of communist and capitalist cultures in the city of Moscow
  • See Lenin in his eternal state
  • Sip mead among sweeping meadows in Suzdal
  • Take a guided tour of cultural attractions in St Petersburg
  • Travel to Russia's oldest city, Novgorod

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Days 1-2 Moscow

Whether it's awe-inspiring history, iconic architecture, edgy creative centres or stylish bars and cafes, Moscow delivers on so many levels with a surprise around every corner.

Days 3-4 Suzdal

Crumbling churches and charming wooden cottages line the narrow streets of Suzdal, one of the fascinating towns which make up Russia’s historic Golden Ring.

Day 5 Novgorod

Often referred to as the cradle of modern Russian civilisation, Novgorod is packed with well-preserved architectural gems and historic monuments recalling its medieval glories.

Days 6-8 St Petersburg

Simply bursting with intriguing sights and culture, get ready to be wowed by St Petersburg - it's opulent, sophisticated, historic and drop-dead gorgeous.