3 years | Europe, Russia, North America, Asia, Oceania

Favourite travel destination and why

Europe  - I am a total Europhile. I love being so close to the best skiing mountains in the world, some of the most amazing museums, great food and wine, some startling fashion trends, a rich history and some pretty great accents. 


How many countries have you visited?

65 countries and still counting!

Most recent adventure

Swimming with turtles off the Gili Islands

Best travel memory

After a 4-hour army convey drive to the Sudan border, I walked around a hill to find the temples of Abu Simbel - I literally stopped in my tracks with awe.

Favourite food experience

Eating gelato for breakfast and chianti for dinner in Tuscany; having dinner with a traditional Nubian Egyptian family in Aswan. 

Advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Do plently of research into the countries you are travelling to - read books about their history and politics, watch films about them, find out who the big music, film and football stars are so you can make small talk with the locals. 


Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Iceland and Norway - fjords, northern nights and trolls, what’s not to like?