1 years | Europe, Africa, Australia

Tell us about you

I am a proud Dutchman who was enjoying travelling the world when I met a beautiful Canadian in Australia who swept me off my feet and brought me home to Canada! 

Favourite travel destination and why

Southern Africa. The sheer amount of different experiences, from lazing on a beautiful beach and partying in Cape Town, to trying thousands of different kinds of wine and the incredible safaris and wildlife this place has to offer. It truly is a country for everyone and a place that everyone should experience for themselves at least once in their lives.

How many countries have you visited?

Over a 100. I have been to all 7 continents and still continue to find more unique places that I want to visit.

Most recent adventure

Canada - it has some of the most incredible natural landscapes I have ever seen.

Best travel memory

So many to choose from! The most recent one that comes to mind is scuba diving with my fiancee and her brother in Australia surrounded by sharks and sting rays. Pretty incredible experience that I don't know if I would do again.

Best travel tips

If you tend to get stomach bugs in destinations, get yourself a pot of local yoghurt on the first day you arrive. It is a great medium to fortify your stomach!

Favourite food experience

Wandering the streets of Taipei with my Taiwanese friend putting things in my hand to try. To this day I don't want to know what some of the things were that I tried!

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Egypt. I went once as a child and all I remember is standing in awe of these amazing structures. I am now going back on my honeymoon to delve even further into this amazing culture and fascinating history.