10 years | Adventure tours through Europe

Tell us about you

I grew up in Jordan in the Middle East. I have been interested in cultures and history as well as foods from around the world since I was a child. I love to travel and what better way to experience all there is in this wonderful world than to work in this industry.

Favourite travel destination and why

Africa! It has such a diverse range of cultures and people. The history dates back to before the Stone Age and the animals are amazing. In one continent you can have such a diverse experience while travelling there. East Africa is my favourite.

Most recent adventure

I travelled to Zimbabwe in September 2011. It was fantastic. I spent a few days in Victoria Falls whitewater rafting and body boarding, zip lining and gorge swinging, before heading to some amazing game parks. There were few tourists around so it felt like I had the whole country to myself. Walking with the rhinos near Masvingo is one of my best experiences yet.

Favourite food experience

This would have to be the food in China. The Chinese food you get anywhere in the world is just not the same as the food you get in China. It’s fresh and full of flavour. Peking duck, Shanghai dumplings and even some spicy donkey hot pot. Top this off with the Great Wall and the old quarter of Xi’an and you have an Intrepid experience to remember.

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

I am fascinated by active volcanos and Central America has some of the most active volcanos that you can actually have access to. I want to see the eruptions and the lava flows. Add in the food, music and dancing of Latin America and to me that sounds like an amazing trip.