Arctic with the Experts

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of an Amundsen, Intrepid want to give you the opportunity to experience the Arctic with the experts. We’re running a one-off adventure accompanied by captivating polar adventurer Tim Jarvis, giving you the chance to discover the Arctic with one of the most accomplished explorers of our time.

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Experience the Arctic with explorer Tim Jarvis and photographer Steve Davey


The trip 

Cruise the coastline of the Spitsbergen, and experience this classic Arctic expedition, accompanied by prolific polar adventurer, Tim Jarvis. Get an insight into the challenges and diversities of this polar environment, and discover this remote landscape and ecology from the unique perspective of the explorer himself.  Witness polar bears in the wild, see walruses wrestle their prey, and watch for whales as they breach for air. From start to finish, this spectacular voyage is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the legend of polar exploration firsthand. 
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Tim Jarvis, Explorer

One of the world’s leading explorers, Tim Jarvis is a champion of environmental sustainability, and will literally go to the ends of the earth to bring attention to the cause. He recently won the Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year Award for 2013, he holds the record for the fastest unsupported journey to the South Pole, and has completed the longest unsupported journey in Antarctica. He has accomplished the challenges that eluded the heroes he set out to emulate. He is also the first person to have ever successfully replicated Shackleton’s famous ‘double’ in Antarctica – crossing the Southern Ocean in a replica lifeboat, before scaling two mountain ranges to traverse South Georgia, all with 1914 equipment and rations. You might have even caught the Discovery Channel documentary that followed him on this journey. Suffice to say, if you're heading to the polar extremes, you'd want to have a guy like Tim on board. Lucky for us, we do.
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Steve Davey, Photographer

Steve Davey is a London based photographer, with a wanderlust that has taken him on photography projects in 87 countries. His combined love of travel and photography has led him to author a number of international bestsellers - Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die (BBC Books, 2004), Unforgettable Islands to See Before You Die (BBC Books 2007), and most recently Footprint Travel Photography (Footprint Books, 2008). An experienced Arctic photographer and exceptional tutor, Steve Davey knows how to get the most out of the low contrast, bright exteriors that you’ll come up against in the polar regions. Having led a number of photography tours around the world, he can offer travellers detailed instruction, and coach you through taking your best landscape and wildlife shots so you’ll return home with photographs to wow your friends and family with.

Your boat

Intrepid's Arctic adventures sail aboard the Sea Spirit - a comfortable, all-suite ship. Carrying a maximum of 112 passengers, and refurbished in 2010, this distinguished Polar sailing vessel allows you to explore the crisp, wild environment, all from the comfort of a warm marine base - with an open bar service, outdoor viewing areas and a hot tub, plus all the amenieties you would expect from a quality hotel service. Every style of room has its own king-size bed (or twin if you prefer), plus en-suite bathroom facilities and exterior views, while the Deluxe, Premium, and Owner's Suites each have private balconies - the perfect private viewing area to relax and absorb the epic surronds. The vessel is also equipped with Zodiacs - rubber inflatable boats designed to transfer people to shore, as well as get up close to the wildlife. Dependent on weather conditions, there is also the option of sea-kayaking, camping, climbing and cross-country skiing.
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Passionate about photography?

If you’ve got a passion for photography, we’re also offering places on the same departure, but led by expert Arctic photographer Steve Davey. Bringing a unique blend of tailored tuition, expertise and practical demonstrations, Steve will share advice and insights about why the Arctic conditions are so unique, whilst providing comprehensive tips to help you improve your Arctic photography. To find out more, contact our polar team.