Antarctic Adventures

Wild and windswept, Antarctica's sheets of white are an alluring blend of everything and nothingness. With few human inhabitants, and wildlife unperturbed by human contact, visitors to Antarctica often feel like ghosts drifting across the Southern Ocean to a land that has no need for the vestiges of human civilisation. Antarctica's tale of exploration is a worthy one, and no visit is complete without contemplating the heroics of Shackelton and a visit to his South Georgia resting place. An olive branch of international cooperation, Antarctica's legacy is one of enduring natural beauty and renewed scientific importance. Whether exploring a deserted whaling station or floating through a glacier-lined channel, it's impossible to forget the sheer size and significance of this icy terrain. Requiring a long and often testy journey to reach its shores, it has been said historically that Antarctica has to be 'earned'. The reward, however, is unmatched. More about Antarctica

Trip highlights

Your boat

Sea Adventurer

The Sea Adventurer (formerly the Clipper Adventure) is a specialised polar sailing vessel, with ice-strengthened hull and all the comforts you would expect on an expedition ship of this calibre. Originally built in 1975, the ship was extensively modernised and refurbished in 1998, with over $13 million invested in its conversion. Whilst the conditions outside on the ice can be cold and blustery, the creature comforts of the ship provide solace from the exterior. All cabins on the ship have views out to sea, and all rooms are equipped with en-suite facilities. The Sea Adventurer is also equipped with a fleet of Zodiacs, enabling excursions to shore for multiple passengers at once, and getting you as close to the extensive wildlife as possible.

Ocean Diamond

The Ocean Diamond is an exceptional polar vessel, designed to give passengers the ultimate experience of exploring the Antarctic, within the comfort of a cruising yacht with additional amenities such as a massage and wellness programme, as well as a well-stocked polar library. All cabins boast exterior views, as well as en-suite bathroom facilities. There are also optional camping, kayaking, snowshoeing, skiing and mountaineering options available depending on conditions.