There is a later version of this trip also available for travel from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015. View later Remote Amazon.

Day 1 Puerto Maldonado to Heath River Lodge

Get ready for the exciting journey ahead in Puerto Maldonado. Head upriver by motorised canoe into the steamy heart of the Amazon, keeping eyes peeled and cameras at the ready for colourful birds and other exotic animals. Stop to enjoy a peaceful picnic lunch on the water before continuing to the jungle lodge. After the sun disappears behind the thick tree canopy, venture down to the river's edge with a local guide for some evening caiman spotting.
ACCOM: Jungle Lodge - 1

Days 2-3 Heath River Lodge

This wildlife adventure kicks in to gear with a journey to a large macaw clay lick. While munching on breakfast, watch colourful macaws and parrots float down and peck at clay, which helps to detoxify the fruits that they have eaten. Then pull on the gumboots and trudge through the Amazon. Guided by a local leader, try to spot howler monkeys, frogs and perhaps even a jaguar, and learn about the tribal Indians of the Amazon, who use the surrounding plant life for food, medicine and shelter. Hike to the Pampas del Heath, an isolate savannah in the midst of the thick Amazon jungle. Walk across the plains at dusk and spot dots of red, blue and yellow macaws in the sky, then head back to camp.
ACCOM: Jungle Lodge - 2

Day 4 Heath River Lodge to Sandoval Lake

Take the amazing opportunity to interact with the local Ese’Eja community of Sonene while visiting their remote village. Rub shoulders with the women and children of the area and purchase some original handicrafts. Farewell the lodge and walk to Sandoval Lake. Hike through the forest, hitch a ride on a canoe and paddle the waters in search of otters, water birds and monkeys. Relax during this tranquil and isolated journey down stream before an optional night jungle walk, hunting for the Amazon’s most sought after creepy crawly – the tarantula.
ACCOM: Jungle Lodge - 1

Day 5 Sandoval Lake Lodge to Puerto Maldonado

Spend some time on the lake in the morning, suck in the last of the jungle air and capture a few more idyllic photographs before this remote Amazon adventure comes to an end.