Peru Amazon Itinerary

Journey through the Amazon Jungle in Peru and discover stunning wildlife and friendly locals. Cruise the Amazon River and stay in jungle lodges.

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peru amazon frog

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Day 1 Puerto Maldonado/Amazon Lodge

Gear up for the exciting journey ahead in Puerto Maldonado. The jungle adventure begins with travelling along a snaking river by motorised canoe into the heart of the steamy Amazon. Along the way, keep eyes peeled and cameras ready - try to spot colourful birds and perhaps catch a glimpse of exotic animals. Stop to enjoy a peaceful picnic lunch on the water before continuing on to the jungle lodge. After the sun disappears behind a thick tree canopy, venture down to the river's edge with a local guide and torches to go caiman spotting.
ACCOM: Jungle Lodge - 1

Days 2-3 Amazon Lodge

Wake early to the chatter of Amazon birds and get ready for two unforgettable days filled with exploration. Head out with local guides to discover strange trees, exotic flowers and jungle animals. Cruise along a lake, searching for parakeets and red and green macaws. Pay a memorable visit to a local community, and discover their traditional uses for many jungle plants and resources. Perhaps choose to enjoy a canopy walk atop a 42 m high and 90 m long suspension bridge - this is a fantastic opportunity to spot native birds and other wildlife at eye level! At night, relax in simple jungle lodges, share cosy meals with the group and fall asleep to the tune of the night-time Amazon symphony.
ACCOM: Jungle Lodge - 2

Day 4 Puerto Maldonado

On day four, rise early for breakfast before travelling back to bustling Puerto Maldonado, where this jungle adventure comes to an end.