Lima to Quito Itinerary

Travel Overland from Lima, Peru, to Quito, Ecuador. Hit the beach in Punta Sal, get daring in Banos and go camping in the mighty Amazon Jungle.

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Day 1 Lima

Explore the colonial plazas and scenic streets of downtown Lima or perhaps visit the Gold Museum for a gawk at its collection of glistening antiquities.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 2-3 Huanchaco

Pitch a tent at seaside Huanchaco, home to the surfing fishermen. Walk along the shoreline and watch these skilful fishermen among the waves, balancing on their narrow reed canoes. Perhaps even give this method a try to discover how difficult it really is! Spend a full day exploring the ruins of Chan Chan, the largest pre-Columbian city in South America. Visit the Temples of the Sun and the Moon, huge crumbling pyramids built from an estimated 140 million adobe bricks.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 2

Days 4-6 Punta Sal

Seaside activities abound in Punta Sal, a haven of sun, surf and sand. Perhaps set out for some deep-sea fishing, explore the scenic coastline by boat or simply kick back on the beach with a good book.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Days 7-8 Cuenca

Farewell Peru and discover the production secrets of Ecuador's iconic Panama hat during a factory tour. Head out shopping for one of these hats or maybe ramble through Cuenca's scenic streets and shady plazas.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1, Hotel - 1

Days 9-10 Chugchilan/Quilotoa Loop

Enjoy spectacular views while driving along the winding Quilotoa Loop. Get active on a guided trek and stay overnight in an eco-lodge nestled on the slopes of the Rio Toachi Canyon.
ACCOM: Hostel - 2

Days 11-13 Rio Verde

Pitch a tent in the lush, mountainous Tungurahua Province. Explore nearby Banos, Ecuador's famous adventure playground. Maybe soak in the town's hot springs filled with therapeutic waters or choose from one of many optional activities - from horse riding to mountain biking and even whitewater rafting.
ACCOM: Camping (with facilities) - 3

Day 14 Coca

Gear yourself up for for the amazonian adventures ahead.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 15-18 Amazon Jungle

The lush jungle of the upper Amazon Basin is one of the world's most biologically diverse regions. Set off on treks heading deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle. Visit freshwater pools inhabited by caimans and canoe down twisting rivers to meet hospitable locals.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1, Lodge - 3

Days 19-20 Quito

The trip comes to an end amid the quaint cobbled streets of Quito, Ecuador's capital. Celebrate the journey over a meal in one of the many great restaurants or explore some of the attractions dotted throughout this breathtaking city - from cathedrals and churches, to lookouts and plazas.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1