Lake Titicaca (Basix) Itinerary

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peru lake titicaca uros island man boat


peru lake titicaca uros island boat

peru lake titicaca boat

Day 1 Puno/Lake Titicaca

Perched on the shores of vast Lake Titicaca, Puno is alive with the pulse of Andean music and the rhythm of traditional dance. Set sail on the world’s highest navigable lake - sitting at 3,820 m (12,562 ft) above sea level - stopping to visit the floating Uros Islands, which are constructed from layer upon layer of totora reeds. Learn about the lake people’s distinctive culture and spend the night with a welcoming family on one of the lake’s non-floating islands. Enjoy a traditional home-cooked meal and perhaps challenge the locals to a game of football.
ACCOM: Homestay - 1

Day 2 Lake Titicaca/Puno

Rise early and head out by boat to Taquile, a very small island littered with crumbling Inca terracing which punctuates the ruby-red soil. Enjoy the crisp air on a short hike up a gentle hill and be treated to stunning views over Lake Titicaca. Munch on lunch and drink in the last of Titicaca’s vistas before returning to Puno, where this short and sweet adventure ends.