Inca Trail Express Itinerary

Travel to Peru to discover the Inca, Peru's ancient civilisation. Visit Cuzco, the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and the Ollantaytambo ruins on this express Peruvian tour.

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Day 1 Cuzco

Welcome to Peru! Get acquainted with the intriguing blend of Inca and Spanish cultures and discover some of Cuzco's lesser-known sights on a guided walking tour. Take the opportunity to taste unique mate de coca (coca tea).
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 2 Sacred Valley/Ollantaytambo

Travel through the lush Sacred Valley and visit a local community. Learn about their traditional lifestyle, browse handicrafts and pick up a few words of the Quechua language. Look out for the maize crops alongside the river and covering the terraces that stretch high up the valley walls. Spend the night exploring the Ollantaytambo ruins - a magnificent example of Inca urban planning.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 3-6 Inca Trail/Machu Picchu/Cuzco

Trek the Inca trail, which once linked this ancient Peruvian Empire. The ancient paths wind around mountains, across high, rocky plateaus, through dense cloud forest and past crumbling temple ruins. Climb over challenging mountain peaks - including the 4,198m high Warmiwanusca (Dead Woman's Pass) - and camp out in the evenings. On the final morning, climb the steps to Intipunku, the Sun Gate, and see mystical Machu Picchu appearing through the mist. Rest for a moment to take it all in before descending to the famous site to spend the day uncovering the mystery of these amazing Inca ruins before returning to Cuzco.
ACCOM: Camping (with basic facilities) - 3, Hotel - 1

Day 7 Cuzco

Still seeking adventure? An optional trip from Cuzco to the Urubamba River provides whitewater rafting or mountain-biking thrills. For those with weary legs, have lunch at the Aldea Yanapay Cafe, part of a self-sustainable organisation that provides the underprivileged kids of Cuzco with health and education facilities.