The Kokoda Track - Reverse Itinerary

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Day 1 Port Moresby

Welcome to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea’s unique capital. Perhaps take a lazy stroll along the shore of the Gulf of Papua or put your feet up, open a South Pacific lager and rest and relax before tomorrow's big journey!
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Day 2 Owers' Corner to Uaule

After meeting your friendly guides and porters, begin the steep climb up to Owers Corner. Take on the Golden Staircase, a long-lost staircase that was used to transport artillery and other supplies from Port Moresby. Wade through a few rivers before reaching Va’Ule Creek, where your camp site awaits.
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Day 3 Uaule to Nauro

Start your day by wading though a myriad of river and creek crossings on the hike to Ioribaiwa. Stop at quiet New Nauro village for a quick break before tackling the Nine False Peaks towards the top of Maguli Ridge. At Nauro, take a refreshing dip in the nearby stream and warm up next to a camp fire before collapsing into bed.
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Day 4 Nauro to Menari

Set off to Menari Ridge for some spectacular views of Brigade Hill. Be welcomed by local Menari villagers - including one of the three last remaining Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels - and spend the night sharing stories.
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Day 5 Menari to Efogi

Walk to the top of Brigade Hill and, on a clear day, see across to Mt Victoria - the highest mountain in the region. Head towards Mission Ridge following the path taken by the retreating Australian soldiers, which ultimately lead to the ambush on top of Brigade Hill. At Efogi, hear the fascinating story of the ‘bone collector’ and buy some organic fruit from local sellers. Meet the Siosi family and spend the evening in their celebrated guesthouse.
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Day 6 Efogi to Diggers Camp

Leave the friendly village of Efogi for a challenging day of trekking. Knees will ache, legs will hurt, but your soul will be lifted knowing that you have passed the halfway point and are close to completing this mammoth journey.
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Day 7 Diggers Camp to Templeton’s Crossing II

Continue on to the highest point of the trek, Mt Bellamy, and appreciate the hostile terrain that Australian, Japanese and American troops traversed, often under fire. Take in the spectacular vistas of the entire mountain range, before heading towards Templeton’s Crossing II.
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Day 8 Templeton’s Crossing II to Isurava

Follow the narrow ridge past Templeton’s Crossing, a former Australian supply facility that became a burial ground during the battle of Iora Creek. Cross the pristine mountain streams of Iora Creek and visit the site of a memorial engraved with the words ‘Courage, Sacrifice, Mateship and Endurance.’
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Day 9 Isurava to Kokoda

Unwind from the challenges of the last nine days with an incredible valley view, before strolling through sprawling palm oil and rubber tree plantations. On completing the trail, take one final opportunity to contemplate the sacrifices made on this arduous route by visiting the Kokoda Memorial and war museum.
ACCOM: Village Hut - 1

Days 10-11 Port Moresby

Return to Port Moresby, stopping by the Bomana War Cemetery – the final resting place of 3,600 brave soldiers. Afterwards, wave goodbye to new friends and farewell the humbling, heroic and completely unforgettable Kokoda Trek.
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