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  • 2013-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Travel to Papua New Guinea and hike the Kokoda Track

As far as travel experiences go, Kokoda is among the most unique. A world away from the sun-blessed beaches and glittering cities of Asia and Oceania, the route from Ower’s Corner to Kokoda station is slippery, steep and steamy at the best of times. But travellers don’t come to Kokoda for a holiday, they come for the chance to challenge their body and their spirit, and to pay their respects to the brave men and women who gave their lives on this merciless route in times of war. To travel to Kokoda is to understand that no matter how deep the jungle, or how steep the trail – courage and mateship will always prevail. Although Australians hear the call of Kokoda the loudest, the friendly smiles of passing locals, the promise of new friends and the sheer challenge alone make the Kokoda Track a once-in-a lifetime experience for anyone brave enough to accept the challenge.

  • Visit the Bomana War Cemetery

Kokoda Track Reverse Summary

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Day 1 Port Moresby

A former colonial settlement, Papua New Guinea’s unique capital offers a glimpse into this young country’s democratic future.

Day 2 Owers Corner/Ioribaiwa

Depending on which direction you take, Owers Corner is either the beginning or the end of the Kokoda Track. During the Kokoda campaign, it was the site of a Salvation Army centre. On a clear day, Ioribaiwa offers views over the surrounding mountains, and it is often possible to make out Port Moresby in the distance.

Day 3 Nauro

After a long day of trekking, Nauro – surrounded by lush foliage and a pleasant stream - is a great place to relax beside the campfire.

Day 4 Efogi

Efogi is one of the most welcoming villages along the Kokoda Track. Upon arrival, expect to find some mouth-watering, organically-grown fresh fruit on offer.

Day 5 Digger's Camp

The highest camping stop on the Kokoda Track, Digger’s Camp is set among a lush rainforest canopy and is a short walk away from the beautiful grasslands of Myola.

Day 6 Templeton's Crossing II

A former supply depot turned burial ground, the muddy trails around Templeton’s Crossing I and II are interspersed with refreshing mountain streams.

Day 7 Isurava

The plaque at Isurava reads ‘Courage, Sacrifice, Mateship and Endurance’. These are virtues to consider while strolling the battlefields that surround this tranquil village.

Day 8 Kokoda

Kokoda Station played host to the first of many bloody battles between Australian and Japanese forces during the Kokoda campaign.

Days 9-10 Port Moresby

Although not the world’s prettiest city, Port Moresby has a surprising number of multicultural restaurants and political sights to explore.