Who hasn’t dreamed of long travel in Europe? Not just a quick hop across the pond, but a proper Euro adventure. The kind they used to make black and white movies about. Strolling through Montmartre with a baguette under one arm, maybe checking out a funky little art gallery in Prague, or island hopping along the Dalmatian Coast eating nothing but fresh seafood and olives. This is the stuff daydreams are made of. A group tour is probably the most cost-effective way to see Europe, plus it’s one continent where a local leader really comes into their own: when the tourist hordes go one way, we go the other.

One month in Europe  

29 Days From $5,635

Travel from Vienna to Dubrovnik on a tour through Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland,...

29 Days From $8,630

Join this adventure from romantic Paris to cosmopolitan Barcelona and be captivated by...

29 Days From $7,220

Discover European class and grandeur on this journey from Barcelona to Venice. Begin...

29 Days From $10,280

Discover the many charms of Europe on this enriching adventure. Tour from Oslo to...

Our longest trips in Europe  

36 Days From $8,845

Saunter through some of Europe’s finest cities and landscapes on this memorable voyage...

43 Days From $10,240

Elaborate architecture and exceptional cuisine, legendary landscapes and live history...

36 Days From $8,595

Elaborate architecture and exceptional cuisine, legendary landscapes and live history...


The Canal du Midi, France

Louis XIV wanted to link the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, so he built the Canal du Midi, an enchanted system of waterways and gates that pass through some of the prettiest countrysides in Europe. Today it’s a UNESCO Heritage site, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a week floating down in on a purpose-built houseboat. We’ll supply the bikes and the beds, and you can spend your days soaking up some dreamy Provencal lavender fields.

Pompeii, Italy

A rare chance to get a glimpse into ancient times. Pompeii is preserved so well because, instead of being swamped by lava and physically destroyed, it was just buried under a layer of lapilli (burning bits of pumice stone). Not good news for the inhabitants, but it’s now one of the most fascinating archaeological sites on the planet (where else can you snoop on ancient Roman brothels?). Our expert local guides will give you the full tour.

The Northern Lights, Iceland

Apart from a rocking music scene in Rekjavik and some of the most stunning and untouched volcanic scenery in the world, Iceland is the premier place to see the Northern Lights in the winter. It’ll be a cold night under the northern stars, but you can always reheat the next day in the Blue Lagoon thermal spa on the lava fields of Grindavík. Definitely one for the Bucket List.

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