1 years |

Tell us about you

I have a love for travel that has taken me to some amazing places including India, the Caribbean and Budapest. I am always up for a chat about anything travel as I am always interested where people have been to before. 

Favourite travel destination and why

There are too many to name but some would include Poland, St Lucia, South Lake Tahoe and Germeny.  

How many countries have you visited?

I have been to 35 counties. 

Most recent adventure

My most recent place I visited was India. It is a huge culture shock but the people are really friendly, and the different scenery differs so much depending on region.

Best travel memory

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain by myself and looking back at New York City.. I had to pinch myself, I was in awe! This has to me happened in many places, including Budapest, Pyramids in Egypt, and the view from skydiving in Switzerland.   

Best travel tips

Always have your credit card pin number written down somewhere - it is the first thing you will forget when you have not used it for a while.

Favourite food experience

I love the food in India. I have never tasted anything like it - the favours are amazing.

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Do not keep putting it off - do it now! You will never regret the experiences you have while travelling. 

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Next week I am going to New Zealand and I cannot wait. I have always wanted to see Queenstown, the NZ adventure capital.