100 years | Global

Tell us about you

I have travelled from a very young age with my parents and once I started I couldn't stop. Travelling excites and rejuvenates me. I love everything about travel from the journey to the destination; the food, the culture, the landscapes, the people and most importantly the experiences you remember forever.

Favourite travel destination and why

Italy, especially the rolling green countryside of Tuscany, the old historical town of Orvieto, breathtaking scenes while walking the Cinque Terre coastline, wandering the mysterious streets of Venice, eating the best gelato in Florence and meeting the friendliest people.

Most recent adventure

India - it was colourful, hot, had tantalising food and beautiful people. It had a mystical and magical feel which made you want to stay.

Best travel memory

Sipping red wine watching the sunset over the Mediterranean in Santorini

Best travel tips

Pack lightly, take binoculars and keep a daily diary

Favourite food experience

On my recent visit I experienced an Indian cooking class. We cooked in an open clay fire and watched Indian spices sizzle in a wok, then had the pleasure of eating the tasty food.

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Always learn a bit about the culture. Read some books, learn some everyday phrases and become a local. Also make sure you pinch yourself everyday and take in everything.

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Borneo - to have an adventure through the jungles, trek Mt Kinabalu, experience the orangutans and lay on the white sands of Turtle Island