Martinique and St Lucia Sailing Itinerary

Sail the Caribbean and explore Martinique and St Lucia with Intrepid Travel. Enjoy a Caribbean sailing adventure while island-hopping around the region's smaller islands.

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Day 1 Le Marin to Anse d’Arlet

Start your Caribbean sailing adventure in Le Marin, and set sail for Anse d'Arlet, a tranquil fishing village in southern Martinique. Framed by verdant hills, the town boasts a lovely coastal road and shimmering, white-sand beach. Wander through the quiet streets, absorb the views from the top of Morne Champagne and enjoy the calm of an 18th-century church that rises from the tranquil beachfront.
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Day 2 Saint Pierre

Enjoy sailing the Caribbean's balmy waters before dropping anchor near sunny Fort de France, the capital of Martinique. Soak up the city's chic charm with a stroll around town, and dine on some of the region's fine food. Then sail on to sleepy Saint-Pierre. Once a vivacious city known as the ‘Paris of the West Indies’, St-Pierre was virtually destroyed when nearby Mt Pelee erupted in1902. Hike up the still active Mt Pelee or just stroll through town and admire the crumbling remains of old buildings and overgrown ruins.
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Day 3 Rodney Bay/St Lucia

After breakfast, journey on to Rodney Bay. Amble along waterside streets teeming with sun-loving visitors. Enjoy the lively local bars and thriving Caribbean restaurant scene, then unwind with a little shopping. Visit Pigeon Island, a favourite spot for St Lucia festivals, and take in the sloping grasslands, tropical forests and beautiful beaches. In the evening, return to the heart of Rodney Bay and let the kinetic night-life rejuvenate your senses.
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Day 4 Marigot Bay

On any Caribbean sailing adventure, it's difficult to ignore the majestic beauty of Marigot Bay. Nestled among hills and lush mangroves, this stunning bay boasts aquamarine waters and flawless beaches, captured on the silver screen in films like Dr Doolittle and Fire Power. Take a refreshing dip, laze on the soft sand or hike to see the bay from a new perspective.
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Day 5 The Pitons

Drop anchor in Soufriere Bay and discover a wealth of natural beauty. Head for the World Heritage-listed Pitons and be awed by the majestic twin volcanic peaks. Hike to some of the higher ridges for a spectacular view and explore the surrounding waterfalls and hot springs. The bay is also a magnificent snorkelling spot; dive into a magical underwater world of thriving reefs and colourful sea creatures, and soak up all the treats that a Caribbean sailing adventure has to offer.
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Day 6 Saint Anne

Depart the island of St Lucia for a long day’s sail to Martinique. Arrive at the shores of St-Anne and enjoy the charms of the local boutiques, trinket shops, fishing boats and picturesque wooden houses. Stroll along the Caribbean beaches, or strap on your snorkelling mask to explore lush reef formations.
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Day 7 Le Marin

Take one last swim in the cool waters of St-Anne before sailing back to Le Marin, where this Caribbean sailing adventure around Martinique and St Lucia ends.