Classic Malaysia & Borneo Itinerary

Tour through Malaysia and Borneo and experience the best of these two incredible countries. Immerse in the unique cultures – discover the food, soak up the sun and explore the sights.

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Day 1 Singapore

Meet with your group in sultry Singapore, a city of towering megamalls and vibrant colonial history. Arrive early to take in the fragrant spices of little India, escape the heat by ducking into an air-conditioned oasis for a shopping extravaganza on Orchard Rd, or stop by Raffles for a Singapore sling or two.
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Day 2 Melaka

Travel to Melaka, a former colonial outpost that retains a distinctive old-world air. Take a quaint trishaw tour through the narrow streets and learn about the ancient spice trade of old Melaka.
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Days 3-4 Kuala Lumpur

Explore ‘KL’, the cosmopolitan capital of Malaysia, a mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures. In a half-day tour, you’ll experience this fascinating cultural melding, as well as see some of the city’s most impressive architecture. Be transported back in time with dinner at the Old China Cafe.
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Days 5-6 Penang

Just a short trip away, the tropical island of Penang is home to the World Heritage site of Georgetown, which boasts a variety of places of worship. Take a tour and discover the temples, as well as exploring the largest standing Malaysian fort – Fort Cornwallis. Learn about the elements that make Malaysian cuisine so delectable with a cooking class.
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Days 7-9 Pulau Langkawi

After a short flight, arrive in the tropical paradise of Pulai Langkawi. The tiny island is famed for its beautiful beaches, incredible sunsets and super-fresh seafood – sample the fare with a delicious barbecue dinner. Swim, snorkel or just soak up the sun, but don’t miss a jaunt on the cable car – the views over the Andaman Sea are not to be missed.
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Day 10 Kota Kinabalu

Affectionately known as ‘KK’, this city sits between Borneo’s jungle and the South China Sea. It’s a great spot to head out on a beach excursion, go river rafting, hike in the jungle or take a boat trip to Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. If some local culture is more your speed, check out the Sabah Museum or a nearby Monosopiad village.
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Day 11 Mt Kinabalu

Venture into the Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia’s first World Heritage-listed site. Learn how this area is among the most important biological sites in the world – it contains around 1,000 species of orchid, 600 species of fern and 320 species of bird. Stay the night in the grounds of a Sabah tea garden.
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Days 12-13 Kinabatangan River

Amble across the jungle rooftop on a canopy walk before slipping into the steaming Poring Hot Springs. Warm sulphur water is piped into these open-air Japanese-style baths making them the perfect solution for tired muscles. Hit the road and head to Black Cave, which lies within an intricate system known as the Gomantong Caves. Bunk down for the night in a protected rainforest. Spend free time relishing the tranquil setting, attempting to spot beady-eyed crocodiles on a river sojourn or, if feeling adventurous, joining a guided night hike.
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Days 14-15 Sandakan

On the way to Sandakan, stop at the Sandakan War Memorial to pay homage to those who died during the infamous ‘Death Marches’ of WWII. Sandakan was once the capital of British North Borneo and traditionally has strong trading ties with Hong Kong. Enjoy some time temple-hopping through the Chinese temples, strolling the local markets, and sampling the food. Maybe pay a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, home to apes who are being rehabilitated before being reintroduced to the wild, or keep on the primate theme and visit the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary to watch these bizarre-looking animals lazing about.
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Days 16-17 Manukan Island

A short boat ride from Kota Kinabalu lies beautiful Manukan Island, located in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. Enjoy two days here. Embark on a snorkelling trip and dive through schools of brightly coloured fish before kicking back on the beach or exploring the island.
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Days 18-19 Kota Kinabalu

Say goodbye to island time and travel back to Kota Kinabalu. Enjoy some free time in Sabah’s capital – perhaps explore the museums or get back out on the water. Make sure to toast the end of the trip and take the chance to swap stories and photos.
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