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Tell Us About You

From my first overseas trip to Asia, to backpacking around Europe, travelling across America, Africa, Mexico and the Middle East, I’ve had an insatiable passion for travel. The world is an amazing place, with so many adventures and new experiences to be had.

Favourite Travel Destination

I will always be drawn back to the African continent. With its friendly, welcoming people, dramatic landscapes and abundant wildlife. The many cultures, flavours, sights and sounds of Africa will have me returning as often as possible.

Most Recent Adventure

Overlanding from Cape Town to Cairo

Best Travel Memory

Experiencing the everyday life of African tribes whilst camping amongst the Samburu and Hamer peoples of Northern Kenya and the Omo Valley.

Best Travel Tips

Keep an open mind and embrace new and different experiences. Pack lightly. Buy a sim card for your phone in the county you’re visiting, it will save you a fortune.

Favourite Food Experience

Enjoying amazing tortillas with locals in the back streets of Mexico.

Any Advice for people considering the trip of a lifetime

Travel magazines and brochures are a great place to start for inspiration. If you’ve had your heart set a particular destination and don’t know where to start, pop by our store and let’s plan your trip together.

Which country is next on your list and why

Rwanda makes it to the top of the list - I can’t wait for the chance to see mountain gorillas up close in the wild.