1 years | Lapland/Finland, New Zealand, Peru

Tell us about you

5 ft high, adrenaline junkie, with a thirst for adventure! 

Favourite travel destination and why

EVERYWHERE! There’s always something new to learn, new friends to meet and new experiences to be shared.  (“The journey is the destination.” - Dan Eldon)

Most recent adventure

I’m off to India and Nepal this weekend! Can’t wait to fly over Mt Everest, drink rum with the locals and get up close and personal, and see with my own eyes the Taj Mahal.

Best travel tips

Just do it! He who travels lightest, travels furthest. Make the most of it and have no regrets

Favourite food experience

A classic kiwi barbeque with homemade cheesecake, pavlova and fresh berries (Raspberries, blackberries & most importantly boysenberries!). Otherwise lamb Souvlaki in Santorini, Greece.

From guinea pig in Peru to reindeer in Finland, kangaroo & crocodile in Australia, snails in Malta & Gozo.... and somewhere along the line a whole frog in a blender (don’t ask)! I’ve still not managed to find anything that comes even close to Mum’s homemade cheesecake or a classic kiwi pav!

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime:

Just do it! As Hans Christian Anderson puts it... “To Travel, is to live” 

Go with two open eyes, an open mind, excitement and a spirit of adventure!

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda/Uganda for the obvious reasons, Sri Lanka for beautiful beaches, scenery, culture & history, it just ticks all the boxes. Montenegro & Albania – for some apparently fantastic kite surfing! Tibet, Bhutan & Nepal (I haven’t even got there yet and I already want to go back to trek in the Annapurna’s)... the list just goes on & on, and everyday I am finding new places to add. It’s a dangerous place to work, as someone has always just come back from somewhere amazing!