Beijing to Seoul Itinerary

Want a China and Korea tour rich in history, culture and adventure? Then Beijing to Seoul is for you. Visit the Great Wall, Mt Naejang Park and more.

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Day 1 Beijing

Experience the glorious commotion of Beijing. Get to know this booming city by roaming the streets. Be sure to sample local fare from street stalls along the way.
ACCOM: Hotel - 1

Days 2-3 Qinhuangdao / Great Wall

Take a walk along one of the world's most recognisable ancient engineering marvels, the Great Wall of China. See where the wall meets the sea and visit the Great Wall museum.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 2

Day 4 Overnight Boat to South Korea

Travel from China to South Korea by overnight ferry.
ACCOM: Overnight boat - 1

Days 5-6 Buyeo

Visit the ancient kingdom of Buyeo. See the treasures on display at the National Museum and the remains of a fortress once used to defend the city. Visit Buyeo’s many busy markets and perhaps sample some Korean cuisine - highly underrated but mouth-watering.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 2

Day 7 Gongju / Magoksa Temple

Uncover Gongju’s ancient tombs, which are set amid some of South Korea’s most beautiful landscapes. Make a stop at the Gongju National Museum before meditating with monks on a memorable overnight stay in a temple.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1

Day 8 Jeonju

Mingle with locals on a visit to a village and participate in a cooking class to learn how to make regional delicacies.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1

Day 9 Mt Naejang National Park

Hike among mountains and lakes in the scenic Mt Naejang National Park.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 1

Days 10-11 Gyeongju

Wander through ancient ruins, temples, palaces and pagodas on a walking tour of Gyeongju. A visit to the Bulguksa temple complex, including the impressive Seokguram Grotto, reveals Buddhist art and architectural treasures.
ACCOM: Guesthouse - 2

Days 12-14 Seoul

Make tracks to the Korean capital - an industrious, contemporary city filled with reminders of years gone by. Visit the impressive Gyeongbokgung Palace to discover more about Korean history and heritage. Hike Mt Namsan for views of the city skyline and travel to the Demilitarized Zone for a glimpse of North Korea.
ACCOM: Hotel - 2