Nairobi to Cairo

Tour Africa on a trip through Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Travel from Nairobi to Cairo, and visit the Simien Mountains, the Omo Valley and Lake Nakuru.

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Tour Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt on a trip from Nairobi to Cairo.

Travel to Africa and embark on a grand adventure across Africa's north-east from Nairobi to Cairo. From the rolling savanna and lush highlands of Kenya, through the Horn of Africa's deserts and mountains, to the marvels of ancient Egypt and Nubia, this is an amazing journey you won't soon forget. Along the way, encounter lively Sudanese market vendors, Ethiopian Rastafarians, friendly Nubian oasis dwellers, Kenya's proud Samburu warriors and the rarely visited tribes of the Omo Valley. See ancient temples, churches and monasteries; spy rare members of the animal kingdom; and be immersed in the traditions, language, cuisine and culture of each new destination. This is a memorable Overland tour through Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

  • Camp beneath a starry desert sky
  • Cross Lake Nasser by ferry
  • Get to know modern Egypt in chaotic Cairo
  • Marvel at Lalibela's dramatic rock-hewn churches
  • See golden treasures in the Egyptian Museum
  • Spot the Big Five in the Samburu National Reserve
  • Travel to Egypt and be amazed by the Pyramids of Giza
  • Visit Ethiopia and meet the tribespeople of the Omo Valley

What's included in this trip

  • Start:

    Nairobi, Kenya
  • Finish:

    Cairo, Egypt
  • Group size:

    Min 4 , Max 21
  • Ages:

    Min 18
  • Meals:

    No meals included
  • Accommodation:

    Bush camp (no facilities) (9 nts), Camping (with facilities) (20 nts), Guesthouse (2 nts), Hostel (3 nts), Hotel (21 nts), Overnight ferry (1 nt)
  • Transport:

    Ferry, Overland vehicle
  • Included activities:

    1/2 Day Lake Tana reed boat trip, Castle Complex and Fasilidas' Bath, Church of Debre Berhan Sellassie, Driving and game excursions, Entrance Blue Nile Falls, Entrance Golden Mummies Museum, Entrance Simien Mountains National Park, Game Drive, Lake Nakuru National Park, Guided excursions to tribal markets and villages, Guided tour of Aksum, Guided tour of Karnak Temple, Guided tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Guided trip to Meroe Pyramids, Naqa Temple and Musawwarat Temples, Guided visit of Lake Abiyata, Guided visit to the Giza Pyramids, Guided visit to Valley of the Kings and other West Bank ruins, Kushite temples and pyramids at Jebel Barkal, Palace and church ruins, Samburu community activities, Simien Mountains trek (2 days), Tigray Rock-hewn Churches, Ura Kidane Mereth Monastery and Kebran Gabriel M KChurch, Visit to Temple of Sulb, Visits to Crystal Mountain and Black Desert

  • Carbon emissions offset:

    1931kg pp per trip
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Nairobi to Cairo Summary

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Day 1 Nairobi

Travel to Kenya and start the adventure in the busy streets of Nairobi.

Day 2 Lake Naivasha

Relax beside Lake Naivasha and watch hippos wallowing on the shore.

Days 3-4 Lake Nakuru

A favourite spot with birdlife, Lake Nakuru is a shimmering sea of pink flamingos. Listen for the chatter of black and white colobus monkeys in the treetops above.

Day 5 Mt Kenya

Travel through stunning scenery on the way to the slopes of Mt Kenya.

Days 6-7 Samburu National Reserve

Witness traditional Samburu dancing, and learn about tribal life and customs from the locals. Venture into this vast reserve to try and spot Africa's iconic Big Five.

Days 8-9 Marsabit/Moyale

Traverse a surreal, black lunar landscape and pass spectacular craters and termite mounds on the drive to Ethiopia.

Days 10-11 Konso

Pick up a souvenir at the local market or perhaps take time to admire the traditional houses in the area.

Days 12-14 Omo Valley

The colourful markets and villages are a delight to explore in Ethiopia's picturesque Omo Valley. Meet friendly tribespeople and learn about their fascinating culture.

Days 15-16 Arba Minch

In free time, why not cycle around scenic landscapes, embark on a boat trip or visit a crocodile farm.

Days 17-18 Wendo Genet/Awasa

Recuperate travel-weary bodies in the hot springs of Wendo Gennet, encased in a beautiful panorama with a rich endowment of forest, wildlife and abundant water. Head to Awassa the following day, a city nestled on the shores of a great lake, and home to the Awassa Children's Project, which promotes AIDS prevention.

Days 19-21 Bale Mountain National Park

Venture out on game-spotting expeditions in this stunningly diverse park.

Day 22 Lake Abiata-Shala National Park

The natural habitat of the Lake Abiata-Shala National Park is an ornothological paradies with an astounding array of birdlife year-round.

Days 23-25 Addis Ababa

Visit Ethiopia's bustling capital, Addis Ababa, and indulge in spicy, traditional cuisine at a local restaurant or cafe.

Day 26 Dejen

Visit the Blue Nile Gorge en route to Dejen.

Days 27-29 Bahir Dar

Board a reed boat bound for the ornately decorated monasteries on Lake Tana's isolated islands and peninsulas.

Days 30-32 Lalibela

Hidden among the hills of northern Ethiopia, Lalibela is home to monolithic churches hewn from the surrounding rocks. Take a walk through the structures with a local guide to unlock the fascinating history of this area.

Day 33 Bush Camp

Journey through the rolling Ethiopian countryside and camp beneath the stars.

Day 34 Mekele

Admire the clusters of churches sculpted into caves and a dramatic cliff-face in Tigray.

Days 35-36 Aksum

Get acquainted with the once-mighty city of Aksum, and discover its towering ancient obelisks, crumbling palaces and web of underground tombs.

Day 37 Enda Selassie

Wind through the Ethiopian countryside on the way to one of the country's greatest natural habitats.

Days 38-41 Simien Mountains National Park

Ethiopia's stunning Simien Mountains are home to a wealth of animals. Hike through the rugged terrain and pass eroded volcanic cores, raging rivers and jagged peaks.

Days 42-44 Gonder

Discover the castles, churches and palaces of Gonder, often referred to as 'Africa's Camelot' - a grand way to end this Ethiopian Explorer adventure.

Day 45 Gedaref

Cross the border into Sudan and ride through the countryside on the way to its lively capital.

Days 46-47 Khartoum

Brush up on some Arabic language skills with the friendly residents of Khartoum city, Sudan's busy capital. Relax in a chai house and get ready to start this epic trip through North Africa.

Days 48-49 Meroe

Admire the spectacular pyramids of Meroe, explore Naqa's Lion Temple and wander through the palace of Musawwarat.

Days 50-53 Nubian Desert

Follow a camel route through the rugged terrain of the Nubian Desert passing oases, small Nile hamlets and ancient relics of past civilisations. In the evening, share a simple meal around the campfire and sleep under the stars as nomadic locals pass by.

Days 54-55 Wadi Halfa

Take in the the last of Sudan's desert scenery on the journey to Wadi Halfa. There's a free day here so perhaps explore the town, wander by the shores of Lake Nasser or sit in the main square sipping tea, people watching and eating fuul (beans) or fried Nile perch.

Day 56 Overnight Ferry

Embark on an epic ferry adventure across Lake Nasser, an enormous man-made lake. Glimpse spectacular scenery en route to the port of Wadi Halfa at Sudan's northern tip and make the crossing into Egypt.

Days 57-60 Aswan

Travel north to Aswan and unwind with a stroll along the Nile River, or take a relaxing felucca cruise followed by a sunset cocktail. See a giant, unfinished obelisk, haggle for souvenirs and treasures in the souq or take a trip to see the two magnificent temples of Abu Simbel.

Days 61-64 Luxor

The ancient Egyptian capital of Luxor houses spectacular temples and tombs. Ride a donkey to the remarkable Valley of the Kings and visit the Temples of Karnak with an Egyptologist.
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      USD $14 Karen Blixen museum
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