1 years | Global

Tell us about you

After university I was a little lost with what to do, and decided I’d find my answer in Thailand. I managed to do this and did a clear U-turn from a Criminal Justice degree to a future in travel! I’ve never looked back, and continue to love the various trips I get to go on – fully immersing myself in different cultures and traditions wherever I go.

Favourite travel destination and why

Too many to choose from! New Orleans for the cocktails and jazz on Bourbon Street ... Melbourne for the chilled-out vibe and cobbled streets ... Railay (Thailand) for a relaxing break ... Hanoi for hustle and bustle ... and South Island NZ for absolutely stunning scenery! 


How many countries have you visited?

About 25 I think?!

Most recent adventure

New Zealand. 

Best travel memory

There are too many to list ... Motorbiking down the coast in Vietnam, staying in a traditional ‘Hogan’ in Monument Valley USA, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, hiking up to see the monastery at Petra, floating in the Dead Sea and staying with traditional hill tribe families in Thailand. 

Best travel tips

For hot countries, take a single duvet cover instead of a sleeping bag – lighter to carry, cooler and you can just get in! 

Favourite food experience

Any kind of street food in Asia ... freshly grilled prawns at the side of the road with a ‘Saigon’ beer is unbeatable. 

Any advice for people considering embarking on the trip of a lifetime

Stop thinking, start doing. Give me a call! 

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Peru – heading there next month as I’ve not yet touched South American soil and it needs to be done. Can’t wait for the views from Machu Picchu!