1 years | South America, Antarctica

Tell us about you

I was born and raised in Perth but developed a taste for travel from a young age with family holidays around Australia. After studying Ecotourism at uni, I took four months to travel around Europe, which got me addicted to travelling!

Favourite travel destination and why

Antarctica is definitely my favourite. It is a stunning place that just gets under your skin and you never want to leave - just watching penguins, seals and whales all day!

How many countries have you visited?

24 countries – six continents, only one to go!

Most recent adventure

I went to Vietnam for 10 days in April 2012. It was my first time to Vietnam and it was fantastic - the people there are amazing, as are the landscapes. Hoi An was definitely my favourite place in Vietnam but the bustle of Ho Chi Minh City came a close second.

Best travel memory

As a kid travelling across the Nullarbor with my family - one of the best things was waking up in the car to a sunrise across the plain, just creeping over the horizon. 

Best travel tips

Zip-lock bags are your friend! They keep your toiletries from leaking through your bag, great for putting souvenirs in to keep them safe and if you are going anywhere humid (like the Amazon), they are invaluable for keeping your clothes dry.