Syria & Jordan Itinerary

Visit Syria and Jordan. Tour the lively city of Damascus, travel to the jaw dropping city of Petra, explore Jordan's modern capital Amman, discover Syria's ancient ruins at Palmyra and be amazed by Madaba's mosaics.

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Days 1-2 Damascus

Discover Syria's captivating city of Damascus. Walk through the narrow, winding streets of the Old City, where people have lived and worked for centuries. Admire the ornate architecture of the beautiful Umayyad Mosque and stroll through souqs full of trinkets and treasures. Perhaps haggle for a handcrafted souvenir or authentic gift to take back home.
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Day 3 Krak des Chevaliers

Admire the views over the valley from this perfect model of medieval fortification - Krak des Chevaliers is regarded as one of the greatest castles in the world.
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Days 4-5 Aleppo

Walk Aleppo's ancient streets filled with some of the most intriguing mosques, churches and houses in Syria. Travel to one of the city's open-air bars or cafes in the evening and perhaps indulge in some flavoursome Middle Eastern meze, topped off with some delicious sweet baklava and a strong coffee.
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Day 6 Palmyra

Travel into Syria's desert to the crumbling ruins of Palmyra. Spend time exploring this archaeological site which features impressive monuments, temples, theatres and well-preserved funerary art.
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Day 7 Damascus

Drive back to the ancient city of Damascus and use free time to explore Syria's hypnotic capital a little further. Tuck into traditional gastronomic delights by sipping a local brew in a coffee house, dining on Middle Eastern cuisine in a restaurant or sampling some local delicacies from a street cart. Visit Damascus' shops, indulge in a hamam or take in panoramic views from Mt Qasioun before bidding Syria a fond farewell.
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Day 8 Amman

Travel to Jordan's modern capital, the starting point of this exciting trip. Those arriving early should head to the Roman Theatre or the Citadel for superb views of the sophisticated city of Amman.
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Day 9 Wadi Rum

Head out on an exciting safari to camp under the stars with welcoming Bedouin hosts. Along the way, take in Wadi Rum's stark desert scenery, full of unique rock formations featuring inscriptions carved by people in prehistoric times.
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Days 10-11 Petra

Travel to Petra, Jordan's ancient city of enigmatic wonder, carved from rose-coloured stone. Tour Petra's temples, tombs, amphitheatres and monasteries and admire its timeless beauty.
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Day 12 Dana Nature Reserve

Trek through the stunning scenery of the Dana Nature Reserve, watching out for ibex, mountain gazelles, wolves and lizards along the way.
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Days 13-15 Madaba/Jerash

Visit an ancient crusader castle then take a dip in the salty waters of the iconic Dead Sea - the mineral-rich waters are thought to have therapeutic properties. Stop by legendary Mt Nebo, one of the most revered holy sites in Jordan, before exploring the well-preserved Roman ruins of Jerash. Look around urbane Amman and use free time to relax in cosmopolitan cafes, socialise in wine bars, admire modern art galleries or shop for clothes in boutiques. Then take a rest and soak up the village-feel of Madaba.
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