4 years |

Were have you travelled?

Europe, North America, Cribbean, Asia, and Australia

Tell us about you

Growing up in England the many splendours of Europe were tantalisingly close and the first place I caught the travel bug. As I explored one European country after another (even learning to ski in Austria) I began to look further afield. This is when I feel in love with America, from NY to LA, New Orleans to Chicago, San Fran to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley, Yosemite to the Mississippi. From America I was attracted by the bright lights and sunny beaches of Australia. I worked for Intrepid in Melbourne and spent time travelling before the vast continent before venturing across the Tasman to sample the delights of New Zealand.

Favourite travel destination

North America, it’s such a vast country with so many unique regions, most states feel like there own individual country! Currently visited 28 states, aiming for all 50!

Most recent adventure

Nepal – incredible country, amazing people.

Best travel memory

Road Trip from LA to New Orleans.

Best travel tips

My best piece of travel advise is just do it, you wont regret seeing and exploring the world, you may regret not doing it! And when you are travelling, always have wet wipes with you.

Favourite food experience

Dumplings in Nepal

Which country is next on your list to experience and why

Peru – I can wait to experience all the country has to offer!