Experience the best of this fascinating country on a comprehensive tour of Japan. From Tokyo city to cultural Kyoto, the wonders and beauty of Japan are revealed.

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Day 1 Tokyo

Arrive in Japan and travel down the bustling, neon-lit streets of central Tokyo. Beneath the lights, high-tech gadgetry and crowded suburbs is a city steeped in ancient tradition. Visit Tokyo's iconic Ueno Park, where delicate cherry blossom trees provide a beautiful backdrop to various museums, or catch the train to Ginza for some retail opulence.
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Day 2 Tokyo/Nikko

Experience Japan's sleek, modern trains while watching the breathtaking Japanese scenery fly by on your way to regal Nikko.
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Day 3 Nikko

Boasting some of Japan's most renowned shrines and temples, Nikko houses several sacred sites including Toshu-gu Shrine, the resting place of the founding Tokugawa shogun. If ornate architecture and multicoloured carvings don't appeal, hiking the cedar-covered shores of Lake Chuzenji is a pleasant alternative.
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Days 4-5 Hakone

Relax on a cruise across Ashino-ko before enjoying picturesque views of the region from a cable car ride through the surrounding mountains - perhaps catch a glimpse Mt Fuji looming in the distance. Don't miss the chance to soak in one of Hakone's many outdoor onsen (hot springs).
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Days 6-7 Takayama

Traditional markets and food festivals make Takayama a treat to visit all year round. Nestled in the Japanese Alps, the Hida Folk Village is a great place to see traditional thatched-roof houses and life among artisans. Snack on a delicious taiyaki and explore this charming town.
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Days 8-10 Hiroshima

This rebuilt and reborn Hiroshima city has a vibrant energy that belies its tragic history. Sights like the A-Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Museum make for a moving experience or perhaps visit the nearby island of Miyajima to see the free-roaming deer.
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Days 11-14 Kyoto

En route to Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto, gain insight into feudal Japan at Himeji-jo castle. Temples framed by golden trimming, like the magnificent Kinkaku-ji, are on today's agenda, followed by a wander through the geisha district of Gion. Bid new friends farewell as the sun sets over the Land of the Rising Sun.
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